The Benefits of Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Benefits of Poultry Farming in Nigeria

In Nigeria, poultry farming is one of the businesses you can venture into and make beautiful sums of money within a short time frame.

Although poultry farming is associated with a number of drawbacks, its benefits far supersede these drawbacks.
Truly, Nigeria has a vast number of farmers but some of these farmers are not showing any interest in poultry farming. Nevertheless, some shrewd entrepreneurs have taken the advantage of their substantial capital to establish poultry farms where people can easily resort to for their poultry
needs such as eggs and chickens.
As we would like to discuss in this article, poultry farming is associated with a number of benefits and this is why it remains one of the most lucrative businesses you can delve into with small, medium or even huge capital (depending on your business potentials and ambit). Finally, below are
some of the benefits associated with poultry farming in Nigeria.
Poultry Animals Grow Rapidly
Unlike several other animals, poultry animals grow at a rapid rate. It takes only few weeks (about three weeks) for some poultry eggs to be hatched and probably in a period of 4 weeks, they may be available for sale. If you set up a poultry farming business and run it in the appropriate
manner, it is obvious that you can make your first pile of cash after 9 months.
The Benefits of Poultry Farming in Nigeria
Poultry Animals Reproduce Rapidly
Breeding poultry animals (such as chickens) is very profitable because you can be very sure that your chickens will lay eggs regularly. On a weekly basis, some chickens, precisely layers, can lay about 5 times or more. Within one month, a large brood of healthy and productive layers
can give you thousands of chicks and this is one of the reasons why many poultry farmers embrace breeding layers.
Poultry Animals Attract Reasonable Prices
Actually, nobody would doubt this because fully grown chickens are always worth buying especially during festive periods including Christmas and Eid celebrations. Chickens are part of the most profitable animals you can breed simply because a grown-up chicken (especially during festive
periods) can be worth #3000 or even more.
Poultry Eggs Are a Reasonable Source of Income
Apart from the substantial profit you can make through the sale of poultry animals, you can earn beautifully by making poultry eggs available to interested buyers. In Nigeria, a lot of poultry farmers like breeding layers simply because they can potentially yield as many as possible eggs. Moreover, these eggs are a good source of income because a single egg –probably the small one –can be sold for #30.