Top 4 Android Apps for Converting PDF to Word Document

Top 4 Android Apps for Converting PDF to Word Document
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For academic purposes, students and lecturers need
professional apps which can be used for the conversion of written documents from
one file format to another. In course of an academic assessment, a lecturer can
ask his students to compose write-ups and present them to him in professional
styles. If you’re one of these students, you may need to convert your Word
document to a PDF file so as to spruce it up and ensure you have an attractive
However, you may have to correct certain typos even after
having converted your Word document to a PDF file. If this happens, you don’t
have to worry because there are a number of professional Android apps that will
convert your files from PDF to Word documents and from other file formats back
to PDF.
Office Suite 7 (+ PDF to Word)

Office Suite 7 is a professional Android app that converts
your PDF to an Excel file. Additionally, it is an open source tool which
further converts your PDF to a Word document. Office Suite 7 is an awesome file
converter that comes in two versions. The first version is free to use but in
order to have access to all the features, you can opt for the second version
which is the paid version.
PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is a premium Android tool for converting
PDF files to Word ducuments. One of its impressive features is that it supports
many kinds of Microsoft formats. Moreover, it is compatible with several image
formats including ODT, JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMP.
Apart from conversion from PDF to other file formats, PDF
Converter Pro allows you to revert your file from other formats (such as Word)
to PDF. Also, the Android app creates an automatic backup for the converted
Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF Converter is another professional file
converter that you can use freely. It is best known for is simply user
interface that allows you to convert files from PDF to Microsoft formats (like
Excel and Word) and from other formats back to PDF. This Android app is a
beautiful tool with a swift conversion rate. And as accurate as it is, you
don’t need to set up any internet connection before you can use this app.
Able2Doc PDF to Word

Able2Doc is a free-to-use app specified only for Android
users to convert PDF files to Word documents. This app comes with a simple user
interface that allows your conversion to be done smoothly and easily. However,
some of the disadvantages in the use of the app is that your PDF files can’t be
converted to other Microsoft formats such as PowerPoint and Excel. In a
nutshell, you can only convert your PDF files to Word documents.
In order to convert other file formats to PDF or convert a
PDF file to other popular Microsoft formats like Excel and Powerpoint, you can
go for any of the other options mentioned earlier.