Top 4 best free and legal music download sites

Music is not only an entertainment now, in fact, it is an obsession and there are millions of people in the world who are obsessed with music, they listen to music almost every day in their free time and there are many out there who anxiously wait for their favorite singers to launch new albums. Well, we do understand this craze and we know how effective music is, you are upset? Listen to music, you want to party? Listen to music, you are happy? Well, enjoy to the fullest by listening to music. Music is more of a therapy and less of a normal entertainment thing. 
Top 4 best free and legal music download sites
The music craze is never ending and there are people who take advantage of this craze and earn a handsome amount of money by running illegal music download sites. Well, I know most of you are unaware that there are illegal music websites running currently and your one click of download can make them earn hundreds and thousands. However there are people who are running some amazing and legal music download sites which have a huge collection of your favorite songs and above everything, these sites and the downloads are totally free of cost!
So, to the music-obsessed people, take notes of what we are about to tell you and use the following websites for the next time you have to download any song!


The best and the master site of music downloads, Jamendo comes with 470,000 tracks that you can download free of any cost. What’s best about this site is that it has the freedom to copy and share their music discoveries because they have the Creative Commons license. 
Top 4 best free and legal music download sites
The Jamendo services are not only limited to music downloads, in fact, you can review and share your own music discoveries to and get fame via this site. Furthermore, you can make donations to the artists too as per your wish.


On number 2, we have none other than the Soundclick which has been running since 1997 as the best music service. There are more than 6 million tracks available on this site and you can listen to them without any fee or registration cost. Just log in for once and enjoy the songs of the previous 10 to 15 years just according to your mood requirements. 
Top 4 best free and legal music download sites
You can listen to music by online streaming, mp3 downloads and some of the music has to be bought from the SoundClick store, however, there is a huge figure or music which can be enjoyed without paying a single penny. This site also provides free music videos to be watched and it covers a few radio stations too.

3-The Playlist Register

Our number 3 comes with something more extraordinary, imagine a platform which comes with free music from thousands of independent artists? Well, I know it sounds amazing, here at the PureVolume, you can download many songs in mp3 but most of them run on online streaming only, also, there is a search engine here which allows you to search songs of your own choice and genre. There also is a chart on this site which shows what’s trending and what’s hot in the music industry currently.
Top 4 best free and legal music download sites
You can know more about it by the Playlist register and thank us later for revealing one of the best music download sites.

4- Audio Archive

An mp3 library which hosts more than 2 million songs online and it is completely legal too as they’ve got the license to share and copy music. At this site, you not only have the option to listen to your favorite music, in fact, you can choose whatever you want from this site because it offers news, public affairs, poetry reading and plenty more things that you would love for sure.
Top 4 best free and legal music download sites

So, this is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about music and the legal download sites. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our articles, we assure you that we will come up with some more informative and useful topics for the next time.