Top 4 Domestic Airlines in Nigeria

Top 4 Domestic Airlines in Nigeria
Image Credit: Jumiatravel

Are you tired of road traffic? Do you need air transport services that will guarantee you maximum safety and convenience? If YES, worry
no more because here you will discover the names of the top 4 domestic airlines
in Nigeria.

Interestingly, Nigeria has a substantial number of airlines
but again, it is very essential that you check out the best of these airlines
in a bid to evade flight disappointments and every other sort of inconvenience
associated with air travels. Notably, the top 4 airlines in this list are
reputable for having provided reliable air transport services for many years.
So, sit right and be rest assured that you have found the best airlines from which
you can choose for air travels in Nigeria.
Arik Air

Established in 2002, Arik Air utilizes two major hubs for
its domestic and international flight operations. The first hub is Lagos-based
Murtala Mohammed International Airport while the other hub is Nnamdi Azikiwe
International Airport based in Abuja. Many Nigerian passengers (who travel by
air) are familiar with Arik Air and this makes it one of the most popular
companies that provide air transport services. In addition to its vibrant
domestic flight operations –which take passengers across domestic destinations
like Abuja and Lagos –Arik Air provides international flight services across a
number of West African countries.
Aero Contractors

Within the Nigerian flight industry, Aero Contractors is
another giant airline with local and international flight operations. Widely
regarded as `aero’, this airline operates from a major hub which is the
Lagos-based Murtala Muhammad International Airport. In addition to its flight
operations within and beyond the country, Aero Contractors provides other
important services including air charter and third-party flight operations.
Air Nigeria

For its flight operations, Air Nigeria uses Lagos-based
Murtala Mohammed International Airport has its hub. Moreover, it became
Nigeria’s national flag carrier after having displaced the former Nigeria
Airways. Currently, Air Nigeria is a vibrant airline that specializes in the
provision of scheduled passenger services across localities and regions.
IRS Airlines

IRS Airlines is headquartered in Abuja where it uses Nnamdi
Azikiwe International Airport as its hub. Founded in 2002, IRS Airlines is a
limited liability company and its domestic flight operations span across some
major Nigerian destinations among which are Enugu, Abuja, Calabar, Port
Harcourt, Kano and Jos. IRS Airlines makes it convenient for passengers to use online
facilities for flight schedule, booking reservation and other flight