Top 4 Farming Businesses in Nigeria

 Top 4 Farming Businesses in Nigeria

Before the discovery of crude oil, farming contributed more than 80% of Nigeria’s volume of production.

And despite the current influx of Nigerians into the oil sector, farming has remained one of the lucrative businesses that could fetch you millions of Naira.

The benefits of farming can never be underestimated and in order to focus attention on the major point of this article, below are the top 4 farming businesses you can do in Nigeria.
Cassava Farming
Cassava is one of the food sources cherished by millions of Nigerians. It is very vital majorly because it serves as the basis for producing many Nigerian foods including garri. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the production of cassava and this stems from the fact that
Nigeria’s vegetation is very suitable for growing cassava.
Also, cassava farming is one of the easiest farming businesses in Nigeria as you can
start it with small capital. If you have a spacious piece of land (such as one plot), you’re still good to start growing cassava in Nigeria.
Top 4 Farming Businesses in Nigeria
Poultry Farming
Although many Nigerian poultry farms are not properly equipped, poultry farming remains one of the best farming businesses in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians consume poultry animals such as chickens and if you can set up a poultry farm with your sumptuous capital, you have a great
reason to contend with some of the rich Nigerian farmers.
Through poultry farming, you can make profit as quickly as possible because chickens (and other
poultry animals) grow at a rapid rate if well fed. One more interesting thing is that poultry eggs are a great source of profit because nearly 50% of Nigerians consume them daily.
Catfish Farming
Catfish farming is a subsidiary of fish farming and it is stark lucrative. In Nigeria, catfish is one of the fish products with high rates of consumption. Although catfish farming requires substantial capital input, it will yield you enormous returns because one catfish can be sold for #500 or more.
If kept under proper breeding conditions in a suitable environment, catfishes grow at a high rate and this means you’re readily making profit as a catfish farmer.
Beans Farming

Beans is one of the most popular foods in Nigeria. There is scarcely an average Nigerian who doesn’t consume it. Moreover, one bag of beans is far costlier than a bag of rice. Beans farming is highly practiced in the North and the Northerners can testify to the sumptuous benefits yielded from
it. Despite the fact that Nigeria’s vegetation supports the germination of beans, beans farming is less practiced in the South-Southern and South-Western zones of the country.