Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria
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From time immemorial, agriculture has remained one of the
indispensable factors that contribute to the economic growth of any society. In
Nigeria, agriculture serves not only as the source of food but as the primary
factor behind the development of industries.

Nigerians are shrewd beings and many of them reason well
before investing their capital in any businesses. However, agriculture has not
reached its apex in Nigeria simply because thousands of Nigerians are not ready
to invest their hard-earned money in it. For hundreds of reasons, agriculture
can make you a Nigerian millionaire.
Precisely, Nigeria is blessed with diverse agricultural
potentials including suitable vegetation, enormous landmass and favourable
climatic conditions.  And those are part of the many good reasons why
you should invest in agriculture in Nigeria. So, read this article further to
know some other reasons why investing in agriculture will yield you massive
Nigeria Needs to Expand its Agricultural Output

The global price of crude oil has been hit by unfavourable
decline and as an OPEC member, Nigeria is not excluded from the victims of this
drawback. Over the years, petroleum has remained Nigeria’s most dominant export
product but due to the current reduction in the global value of petroleum, the
Nigerian government is on course to focus attention on agriculture and make it
a substantial alternative.
In order to attain a favourable level of agricultural
production, the Nigerian government has established a number of schemes. With
the help of these schemes, some individuals have been granted loans needed to
pursue agricultural objectives. By investing in agriculture, probably as an
entrepreneur, you can add your own portion to Nigeria’s agricultural produce
and make the country grow at large.
Agricultural Produce Are of Great Importance

In any part of the world, agriculture serves as the basis
for many key sectors to grow at a favourable rate. Besides its basic importance
as the source of food for an entire population, agriculture is the primary
factor behind the development of industrialized companies especially those
concerned with manufacturing. Since it is believed that manufacturing
industries need adequate supply of raw materials for industrial processes,
agriculture remains one of the major contributors to global industrial
The Need to Increase Food Supply

Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria lags behind
in terms of food supply. Meanwhile, this results from the fact that many
Nigerian youths hardly show interest in agriculture. Currently, Nigeria
experiences a drift of youths from rural to urban areas where there are little
to no areas of land that may be allotted for farming purposes. With regard to
this, Nigeria has failed to maximize its agricultural produce especially in
terms of food supply. In order to expand the supply of food for domestic and
international uses, Nigeria needs a vast number of youths to start practising
The Need to Increase Employment Opportunities

In Nigeria, employment opportunities are dwindling and this
is mainly attributed to over-dependence on the oil sector. Agriculture is
obviously one of the few Nigerian sectors with constant employment
opportunities. However, many Nigerian youths are not considering this.
Also in Nigeria, agriculture is the sector with the highest
employment capacity and it is obvious that numerous people can be employed to
manage farms, grow crops and even operate mechanized farming implements.