Top 4 Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Top 4 Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria
Image Credit: MyNaijaNaira

On a daily basis, strategic Nigerians think about business ideas which can yield them reasonable cash and this is attributed to the fact
that Nigeria is endowed with enormous business potentials. As a business-minded
Nigerian, you surely have a vast amount of business ideas at your disposal.
In this article, your attention will be focused on the top 4small-scale businesses you can tap into as a Nigerian. In point of fact, this
write-up is best recommended to the average Nigerians who are thinking about
the businesses they can engage in with their small capital. If you think you
belong to this category of Nigerians, this article will expose you to some of
the businesses you can pump your capital into.
Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is one of the small-scale businesses a vast
number of Nigerians embrace. In some measure, you may see it as a medium-scale
business (particularly if you need to get a washing machine) but in reality,
you could become a dry cleaner with just a trifling sum of money as capital. In
that case, you might have to do the washing manually.
Some people engage in white-collar jobs and because they are
always occupied with a lot of tasks, they usually require the services of
dry cleaners. With just little capital, you can set up your own dry cleaning
business (probably in the city) and notify people that you can help them with
their washings.
Sale of Recharge Cards

In reality, the sale of recharge cards is quite lucrative
and it is one of the numerous businesses you don’t need huge capital to set up.
Constructively, you’re encouraged to set up this kind of business in a
metropolitan area where there is a rush of people and even road traffic. For
the fact that the better part of Nigerians use phones, you have the
grace of making reasonable profit through the sale of recharge cards.
Sale of Raw Foods

Sellers of raw foods are found in every corner of
inhabitable regions and this is mainly because a large number of Nigerians are
fond of buying raw foods which they can prepare by themselves. Without any
doubts, this small-scale business is profitable although it may require that you
own a shop. But if you can’t afford to get a shop for the time being, you can
just look for an open space where you can place a makeshift stall and start the
business in no time.
Poultry Farming

This is another great business idea you can delve into.
Basically, you can venture into poultry farming as a small-scale business or
medium-scale business. Meanwhile, the required capital (for this business)
actually depends on several factors including the business location and the
amount of poultry animals you wish to own.