Top 4 Technologically-Advanced Nations in Africa

Top 4 Technologically-Advanced Nations in Africa
Image Credit: ITNews Africa

Some people mistake Africans for less-innovative creatures
and assume Africa greatly lags behind in the field of technology. However,
Africa is growing in technology but its pace of technological development is
not as rapid as that of Europe or Asia.
In this article, our discussion of technological advancement
has drawn attention on the African continent. Therefore, we would like to
discuss the top 4 African countries with the best technology systems. Today,
there are numerous Asian and European investors who have chosen several African
countries as investment centres and this is majorly due to the impressive
innovations and vibrant IT services in African countries such as Kenya and
South Africa. Finally, below are the top 4 technologically-advanced nations in Africa.
South Africa

Based on the statistics of GII (Global Innovation Index),
South Africa is one of the countries with advanced technology systems in the
world. This substantiates its stance as the African country with the best
technology system. In recent times, the government has geared efforts towards
the advancement of technology-related programmes such as ICT, making South
Africa one of the best African territories for ICT services.

Undoubtedly, Uganda deserves no less than the second
position on this list. Uganda is most acclaimed for the technological milestone
it reached in 2016, the year it introduced “Kayoola’’ as the first
solar-powered bus to be unveiled in Africa.
The government of Uganda has shown the strong commitment to
focus on ICT investment. In view of the massive sums of money already pumped
into the ICT sector, a lot of foreigners have chosen to carry on their ICT
programmes in Uganda.

Nigeria’s emergence into this list is due to the vast number
of tech hubs found in the country –majorly in Lagos state. Nigerians fancy
technological innovations and this gives the country some of the most-visited
African tech centres such as Silicon Valley, Alaba International Market,
Computer Village (based in Ikeja, Lagos state) and so on.
Over the years, Nigeria has been able to pave the way for
successful technological innovations. Besides, there are a significant number
of organizations that have successfully built great empires within the
technology industry. Among these successful tech organizations are Co-Creation
Hub and Andela.

Kenya is most acclaimed for its strong commitment towards
the development of IT (Information Technology). As regards this, there are several
Kenyan companies with reputable achievements in the aspect of Information
Technology (IT). With the help of these companies, Kenya now boasts of
remarkable innovations among which are underwater pet housing, charging shoes,
solar-powered refrigerators and alarm-fitted television.