Top 4 Toyota Models in Nigeria

Top 4 Toyota Models in Nigeria
Image Credit: Nigerian Bulletin


Toyota is not a Nigerian-owned automotive company but its car models are used by thousands of Nigerians who love to enjoy pleasurable  driving moments. In reality, Toyota models (ranging from SUVs to Sedans) are rugged vehicles with the ability to cruise fast even when driven on bumpy roads.
And because many Nigerian roads are quite dilapidated, Nigerians choose to buy Toyota models which have proved durable, efficient and reliable.
Today, we would like to discuss the top 4 toyota models in Nigeria. As a notable point, Nigerians constitute the leading global consumers of Toyota vehicles and by reason of this, it is fascinating to talk about the best Toyota models in Nigeria.
Toyota Prado
Toyota Prado is one of Toyota’s most elegant models as well as a globally used SUV. Built to give you an interesting driving experience even along bumpy terrains, Toyota Prado is one of the Toyota models best suited for Nigerians.
This SUV (Toyota Prado) guarantees you the convenience of
switching between gears particularly with the help of its full time 4WD technology.
Furthermore, Toyota Prado is exquisitely designed to appear in 4 different variants including VX 8-seater 80 LS, 10-seater MT FS, 8-seater AT LS and 8-seater MT FS.
Toyoto Landcruiser
Toyota Landcruiser is a 4WD vehicle with an exquisite design and the ability to offer you pleasurable driving even on lumpy roads. As a heavy-powered vehicle, Toyota Landcruiser is globally acclaimed. Moreover, its ruggedness and ability to cruise comfortably on rough roads have given it a great earmark in the automotive industry.
Apart from its reliability, Toyota Landcruiser is widely used by Nigerian dignitaries who fancy its gorgeous design. Like several other Toyota models, the Landcruiser is designed to appear in five variants including LC 200 VX 8-seater (AT LS KDSS), LC 200 GX 9-seater MT, LC 200 GX 8-seater AT LS, LC 200 GX 8-seater AT FS and LC 200 GX 8-seater MT.
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla is one of the most rugged Toyota models driven by Nigerian dignitaries. Its closest counterpart (belonging to the same Toyota brand) is Toyota Camry.
Impressively, Toyota Corolla is designed with excellent features which fit into the trending automotive world.
Some of these features include Optitron meters that monitor average vehicle speed, current drive time, the rate of fuel consumption and other driving statistics.
Like the other Toyota models, Toyota Corolla has a number of variants such as 1.6Gli AT, 1.8Xli MT, 1.6 AT and 1.6MT.
Toyota Camry


Toyota Camry is undoubtedly one of the best-selling Toyota models in the Nigerian automotive industry. It is a Sedan model that sports a lustrous and glossy design. Precisely, Toyota Camry is widely used by Nigerians who so much fancy efficient, reliable and durable cars. It is built to appear in two variants notably the (i) Push-start automatic Leather Seat equipped with a 3.5 litre engine and the (ii) Push-start automatic Leather Seat designed with a 2.5 litre engine.