Top 5 Technologically Advanced Nations in the World

Top 5 Technologically Advanced Nations in the World
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Technology is a fascinating topic to discuss and this is why
many citizens of technologically advanced nations are proud of their countries.
In point of fact, the countries with the best technology systems are the ones
that have excelled in terms of scientific innovations, ICT, engineering and
military sophistication.

When countries advance in technology, they develop a
commanding influence over their underdeveloped counterparts. In the present
world, it is extremely observable that the world’s leading nations in the field
of technology are majorly found in Asia, Europe and America. In that case, we
would like to dabble into the top 5 technologically advanced nations in the

Japan is a technology-intensive country and is best known
for scientific innovations and research. Boasting of a sophisticated group of
scientists, a vast number of Japanese researchers are recognized for their efforts
in various fields including industrial robotics, electronics, automobiles,
semi-conductors, metals, optics and earthquake engineering. Over and above
this, a significant number of Japanese researchers are winners of prestigious
awards such as Nobel Prizes.
The United States

The US has had a great impact on the global scene due to its
remarkable contributions in space technology. For an immense time, the United
States has geared efforts towards the advancement in defense, pharmaceuticals,
telecommunications and space exploration. The United States claims an
unparalleled feat in the world of technology for having invented the leading
global tech platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook.
South Korea

South Korea is widely acclaimed for the immense
contributions of its scientists in the technological facet of robotics.
Besides, the country is the origin of global tech outfits including Samsung and
LG. Even in the global automotive industry, South Korea claims a great stance
as the owner of Hyundai.

Israel is greatly reputed for its technology-intensive
system of exportation. Moreover, the country has carved out a niche in defense
innovations with the renowned Iron Dome being a good example. Apart from that,
Israel is one of the leading global giants in terms of space science. Israel
has other impressive inventions such as the UAV it built with real-time

Within Europe and even on the global scene, Germany is one
of the best countries in the field of technology. Precisely, the country is
highly recommended for its vital achievements in the aspect of engineering.
More so, its scientific researchers are reputed for their remarkable efforts in
terms of biotechnology and space travel.
Also in the automotive aspect of technology, Germany is
widely acclaimed for having produced giant brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes
Benz, Porsche, BMW and Audi.