What Are the Benefits of Fish Farming in Nigeria?

What Are the Benefits of Fish Farming in Nigeria?
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In Nigeria, fish products are highly marketable and this
constitutes the reasons why fish farmers make substantial profit. If you’re
thinking about what farming business you can establish with your sumptuous
capital, fish farming is definitely a good idea to consider.
Although a number of risks are involved in farming
businesses, the advantages of fish farming are far above the disadvantages
under suitable management and proper breeding measures. In this article, we
have come up with some of the major benefits you can derive from fish farming
in Nigeria.
Fishes Are Extremely Rich in Protein

There are basically six classes of food and nutritional
facts have revealed that protein is the best humans need for growth. Basically,
fishes are adequate sources of protein but in addition to this, they have high
contents of other nutrients including potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium,
iodine and calcium. Other nutritional benefits derived from fishes are
high-quality vitamins (including vitamin B2 and vitamin D) as well as low fat content.
Fish Products Are Consumed on a Large Scale

Fish products account for over 50% of the animal products
people consume in Nigeria. In the Nigerian market, fishes sell better than meat
not just because they’re cheaper but also due to their high-quality protein
content. Even when there is a decrease in the price of meat, many Nigerians
still prefer to buy fishes.
Fishes Have a High Growth Rate

Under proper breeding conditions including adequate water
supply, fishes grow rapidly and this gives fish farmers the opportunity to
yield profits within short periods of time. Nowadays, there are high-quality
fish feeds which fish farmers depend on in order to grow juvenile fishes at a
very rapid rate.
Fishes Are Not Agents of Environmental Pollution

Fishes can be grown in almost every environment so long as
the needed requirements have been met. Fish farming does not necessitate
regular sanitary measures because fishes hardly cause pollution unlike poultry
animals. Even in your home, you can set aside a considerable patch of land
suitable for the construction of a fish pond without having to bear instances
of environmental pollution.
Fish Farming Attracts Substantial Profit

Since fishes are marketable animal products, fish farmers
have every good reason to make high profit on a regular basis. Under adequate
management and proper breeding practices, you can earn more than 50% of your
fish investment within one year. With the view of making substantial profit,
some fish farmers try to maximize their investment inputs probably by spending
millions of Naira to construct many fish ponds and breed numerous fingerlings.