What You Should Know about Glo 4G LTE in Nigeria

What You Should Know about Glo 4G LTE in Nigeria
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Glo launched its 4G internet service in the past year
probably as a result of great anticipation for the fastest network option. The
need for Glo 4G service was clear simply because MTN and Airtel had previously
launched theirs for subscribers to upgrade to the latest and swiftest network

Glo is highly regarded for its awesome tariff plans as well
as its affordable data bundles. However, quite a few subscribers have
persistently complained about poor network coverage which eventually results in
a boring network experience. It could be very disappointing to browse with a
slow network as web pages might load sluggishly, failing to give you the
internet experience you deserve. Moreover, this could restrict the download
speed even when you’re not downloading large files.
Factually, Glo 4G LTE is available in Nigeria but in
specific cities. Also, the telecom giant (Glo) has rolled out its list of 4G
data plans. Quite interestingly, Glo’s 4G  data plans are dead cheap and I’m
sure many subscribers can affirm this. However, the big question is “would the
Glo 4G LTE broadband make up for the sluggish 2G and 3G coverage experienced by
many Glo subscribers?’’
The question above is still a matter of dubiety but before
you subscribe to any of Glo’s 4G data plans, it is wise that you ask the nearby
Glo subscribers who have experienced the 4G internet coverage.
As mentioned earlier, the Glo 4G service is yet to reach the
entire span of the country. So, you’re encouraged to stick with this article to
see the steps to find out if Glo 4G is available in your location and the
complete list of Glo 4G data plans you can subscribe to. Also, it isn’t all
phones that are compatible with 4G network coverage. Before you consider opting
for any 4G data plan, you can go online to find out if the 4G network option is
part of your phone’s specifications or not.
Complete List of Glo 4G (LTE) Data Plans

Below is a list containing all the 4G data plans offered by
Glo. Also included is the price of each data plan.
1.6GB for 7 days (at the rate #500)
3.2GB for 30 days (at the rate of #1000)
7.5GB for 30 days (at the rate of #2000)
10GB for 30 days (at the rate of #2500)
12GB for 30 days (at the rate of #3000)
18GB for 30 days (at the rate of #4000)
24GB for 30 days (at the rate of #5000)
48GB for 30 days (at the rate of #8000)
60GB for 30 days (at the rate of #15000)
90GB for 30 days (at the rate of #18000)
Steps to Subscribe to Glo 4G Data Plans

From your 4G-enabled phone, dial *777#

From the resulting on-screen options, select 1

Select 1
again from the subsequent options
Now, select your choice from the available 4G
data plans
Steps to Find out if Glo 4G is available in Your Location

Dial *777#
from your Glo SIM
From the next on-screen options, select 5

Now, select your current state from the listed
Nigerian states to know if Glo 4G is available in your location

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