Highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2017-2018

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2017-2018
Highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2017-2018 

There are lots of high paying jobs in Nigeria. Nowadays more and more people come across a situation when they lack money, so they start searching for more highly paid jobs. Here you will be able to see a list of current jobs in Nigeria and highest paying jobs in Nigeria. 

About 18% of the population of “Energy superpower” called Nigeria can match the standard of living of the Western middle and upper classes. 

Most of us uses iPhones, go to nightclubs, drive around in expensive cars, attend fashion shows, and occupy apartments in “business class” homes. Looking at them, it’s hard to believe that just a few steps from the world of glamour reigns obscurantism, dirt and poverty.

Lagos currently serve as a heaven for finding job.

Lagos is a place where you can find a job and where dreams come true. Although in reality most people face daily struggle to make ends meet, Nigerians are firmly convinced that in Lagos, all dreams come true, and this makes it desirable for them.

 However, more simplier it’s just a desire to survive. “This thirst to live in prosperity, as in Nigeria, you will not find anywhere else”. 

The oil boom of the 70s has awakened in people a hope for a better life, which has been preserved even after a high-recession of economy in the 80’s. Everyone wants to amass capital to start their own business.

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 This desire is to cover the whole Nigeria, but the most fierce and ferocious struggle is in Lagos, where there are all the factors and resources. 

• Nollywood industry: workers Speaking on current highest paying jobs in Nigeria, third place in the world in terms of making money, after Hollywood and Bollywood, is occupied by Nollywood, the industry that unites several studios in Nigeria, for a year its workers earn about 120-150 million.

 By the number of films Nigerians have already reached the first place in the world – 1200 per year, just imagine! Among the favorite topics of Nigerian audience are love and prostitution, witchcraft and bribery.

 • Oil and gas jobs in Nigeria: With gaining independence and the oil development prospects of enrichment, Nigerians have less and less desire to coexist with different groups of people, even within the federal government. Consequently, producing of oil has become the basis of national welfare in the south of Nigeria, but power traditionally belongs to the residents of northern part of the country, who took the commanding heights in the military hierarchy. It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that the country is “oil”- based one, the local people’s incomes are very small, the price of gasoline is high enough. 

 About 92% of the population lives on less than $2 a day and more than 70% – for less than $1. 

The UN believes that the level of poverty in Nigeria has increased from 46% in 1996 to 76% in 2009. Between the circling transport there are women with baskets of goods on their heads. Also there are boys always available to clean your car with brushes, selling scissors, smoky fish, handkerchiefs, balloons etc. Life does not stop for a minute. 

Typical for the informal sector is a professor who earns 5,000 naira (55 dollars) a month, working two or even more work. He can even open a grocery store to pay for daughter’s education 85 per semester. 

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Vegetables and fruits fall on the black market in Lagos from neighboring Benin with the help of corrupt customs officers, whose salary does not exceed 55 per month. 

• Federal government job in Nigeria: Among current jobs in Nigeria provided by federal government are Administrative Officer, Executive Secretary To The CEO, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Corporate Services, Chief Economist. If you have all the necessary qualifications and requirements, you may choose whatever you want. 

• Lecturing jobs in Nigeria: If you are looking for teaching jobs in Nigeria, then you should know that Tayo Akpata University of Education in Benin, newly established tertiary educational institution located in Ogun-State, Ajayi Crowther University, The Federal University in Kashere, Wadamts Polytechnic are open for the staff on academic and non-academic positions. 

The positions are opened for those who are ready to develop their students knowledge and to be involved in self-education at the same time so as to always maintain proper level of your professional knowledge. 

• Ngo jobs in Nigeria:  A great number of non-governmental organizations in Nigeria, such as: The Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities seeks a devoted to career person for the position of Program & M/E Officer, Fortress of Hope Educational and Youth Development Foundation welcomes new and new staff for the scholarship provision.

 The International Rescue Committee is eager to recruit Senior Emergency Child Protection Specialist. Got interested?

 Bear in mind that you need at least 5 years of experience.

 • Online jobs in Nigeria:Speaking about Online jobs in Nigeria or part time jobs in Lagos, it can be said that they are suitable both for experienced workers who don’t want to waste their time on commuting to their working place, but also for people who have just finished their universities and are lacking in experience, so that they are in search of fresh graduate jobs in Nigeria. 

You can opt for a position of freelancer, translator, sales representative, virtual assistant, graphic designer, Seo consultant or websites developer. 

• Legal jobs in Nigeria: This means that Nigeria welcomes those, who want to apt for a position of a lawyer, why not? The salary is quite high. It can vary from ₦40000.