How To Buy An Existing Domain Name

How you ever tried to purchase a domain name and discovered that it has already been taken? Undoubtedly, many have experienced it.

People buy domain names for various reasons; either to build a website or park it and sell later. If the domain name you want has already been registered but does not exist as a website, there are higher possibilities of owning it.

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How To Buy A Domain Name That Has Already Been Taken

After checking for domain availability and you want to buy a domain name that someone else owns, you should do the following things below:

1. Whois Domain Name Check

Check Whois for the details of the domain name owner. If the owner hasn’t enabled whois privacy, then the contact details will be available to you. Aside from that, the domain expiry date will be displayed with the domain name registrar.

If the domain name expiry date is near, you can wait and buy it. That will only happen if the owner fails to renew it after the expired date. Most brandable domain names are often renewed by their owners so your chances may be slim. If you can’t wait, contact the owner.

If The Domain Name Registrant Agrees To Sell

2. Use A Domain Broker

The best domain brokers you can get are domain name registrars that offer such service. It will be easier for you because they will be able to negotiate directly with the domain seller for a deal that will favor you. But you should know that you will pay a flat fee or percentage commission depending on the brokers. The domain broker will direct you to further steps to take in acquiring the existing domain name.

3. Buy From The Owner Directly

This method can be risky but can only be safe if you know or trust the domain name owner. It can be done either two ways; you pay the owner first and he later does the domain transfer to you. And the other way, he does the domain transfer to you, and after you get the domain name, you send the payment.

If you can’t find the contact details of the domain name owner, you can check various domain marketplace or auction sites to see if the domain name is offered for sale.  After trying all of these and yet you can’t buy the existing domain, get another extension of that domain.

Have you sold your existing domain name to someone else or have you try to buy an existing domain name from the rightful owner?