Top 4 Businesses You Can Start with as Low as #5000

Top 4 Businesses You Can Start with as Low as #5000
Image Credit: MyNaijaNaira

In Nigeria, you can set up a moderate business with just
#5000 and as time goes on, you can expand your business with larger inputs in
order to maximize your profit. Recently, we observed that there are many
profitable businesses average Nigerians can start with just #5000 but some
Nigerians continue to look down on these businesses.
Depending on your inputs, dedication, responsiveness and
even your business skills, you can make money from any legit business. In that
case, this article clearly reviews some of the small-scale businesses average
Nigerians can start with as low as #5000.
Sale of Sachet Water

This is another small-scale business you can start with just
#5000. On a constructive note, it isn’t necessary that you be the actual
seller. You can just look around for some idle children who can sell sachet
water on your behalf. Even though you will have to pay each child some
commission just to retain him/her, you’re sure to earn some reasonable amounts
of money by doing this daily. Meanwhile, be informed that this business thrives
best in congested areas where there is a high rate of traffic hold-ups.
Buying and Selling Okreka (Used Clothes)

Okreka is a common collection of clothes, usually fairly
used clothes which are still looking good to be worn or used. Despite the fact
that many people are engaged in this business, you can always make good returns
by buying Okreka clothes in bulk and selling them in units. Depending on
quality, a collection of Okreka clothes can cost you #5000 or more. You don’t
have to feel shameful about this and neither do you have to worry about making
sales because both children and adults wear Okreka clothes. And in order to
have many customers patronizing you, ensure you set up this business precisely
in a market where clothes are sold.
Selling Fried Noodles

This business is very common to the Hausa’s –often called
Mallam. There is hardly a Nigerian city where you won’t find people who engage
in this business. As precise as it is, this business can be run with little to
medium capital such as #10,000. To do this business, you must have mastered the
cuisine skills of preparing delicious noodles, frying eggs and even making hot
tea. Depending on how good you prepare these things, how hygienic your stall
is, you’re sure to have many customers patronizing you daily. Moreover, this
business has the potential of thriving because many city residents either feel
lazy to cook or do not have time to cook by themselves.
Producing and Selling Liquid Soap

You may not be earning big through this business but it is
surely one of the fairly profitable businesses you can begin with as low as
#5000. Meanwhile, this business is quite easy to set up in as much as you have
learnt how to produce the liquid soap which is to be sold to willing buyers.
Depending on certain conditions, you can earn as low as #50 on each bottle of
liquid soap you sell and if you can sell about 15 bottles per day, that means
your daily earning can be equivalent to #750.