5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture

The furniture we have at home needs
constant cleaning. Discover the cleaning tips of your furniture in this post.
Maintaining the cleaning furniture, you have at home may not always be easy,
but with these cleaning tricks you will simplify the way you clean. 
You do not
need to spend a lot of money on products for cleaning your furniture, do it
with the ones you have at home, products that you did not think could be very
useful to keep the home furniture in good condition.

5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture
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while shifting home furniture. Cleaning your furniture in your home these 5
ways will make you help to make your furniture clean and shine:
Olive Oil:
Olive oil is ideal to know how to clean
your furniture, know with what products to mix them to leave clean all the
furniture that adorn your home. A natural formula to clean your furniture is to
mix olive oil with lemon juice in equal amounts.
Learn about the uses of olive oil. We
recommend you make a mixture of half a cup of lemon juice with half a cup of
olive oil to start with the first piece of furniture. Moisten a clean cloth
with this mixture and begin to run it through all the wood furniture you want
to clean.

5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture
It will help you to restore the shine to
all your furniture, besides, it will polish them with imperfections that they
might have. If you have many varnished wooden furniture, an olive oil mixture
will be the perfect one to clean them.
Continue with the olive oil; mix half a
cup of olive oil with half of alcohol. With a clean cloth goes through all your
furniture. You can pass the cloth a couple of times.  The purpose of this mixture is to make the
varnished wood recover its brightness.
If your sofa is made of cloth, the first
thing you have to do is to remove every dust or dirt residue with a vacuum
cleaner. After this step, we recommends preparing a mixture with 1 liter of
warm water, half a glass of lemon juice or vinegar and a teaspoon of baking
soda. Before applying the detergent on the stain, it is best to try it on a
hidden area of ​​the sofa.
Hot Water and Soap:
Cleaning the windows and mirrors of the
house has always been a somewhat annoying task, since many times you spend a
long time trying to leave those surfaces completely clean, but then you realize
that the work has not been as effective.

5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture
Tables, entrance furniture, showcase
doors, not to mention glassware for glasses, glasses and plates. The glass and
crystal ornaments can be cleaned by immersing them in hot soapy water, if their
dimensions allow it.
Then, they are only rinsed with hot water
and left to dry, or dried with a clean, lint-free cloth. If they were large
objects, we can clean them with a cloth moistened in a mixture of equal parts
of water and alcohol, and then go over them with a dry and clean cloth.
Use a Cork:
This object is of great help to eliminate
stains or marks that your wooden furniture acquire by glasses or bottles. It is
the simplest thing you can do and so effective to leave your furniture without
any brand. Rub the cork over the marks of cups or cups.

5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture
Little by little you will see how they
disappear in seconds. If the stain or mark of the furniture is very old we have
another solution to eliminate them. Use ash and a little gasoline to get rid of
that stain that makes your furniture look bad, with a cloth rub on the stain
making circular movements.
Egg Whites:
We are sure that you did not know that
egg whites are effective in how to clean wooden furniture. A trick so effective
that you can repeat whenever you want. The way to do it is very simple and it
will not take you long. You have to beat the eggs to snow point to make this
cleaning trick work. To this you must add a spoonful of ammonia.

5 Amazing Ways to Clean Your Furniture
Apply directly on the wooden furniture
you need to clean. After a few minutes, clean the furniture with a dry cloth to
remove the excess of the mixture and clean the furniture at the same time. With
this trick of how to clean wooden furniture you will see that the shine returns
to all the furniture in your home.