How To Create A Drop-Down Menu On WordPress Categories

WordPress is one of the most populous Content Management System owing this due to the flexibility of the platform. With WordPress, you can setup a powerful blog with awesome functionalities, open an e-Commerce website, launch an online course website, create a website with Slideshow for your Portfolio showcase, and do lots more.

However if you’re planning to use WordPress for blogging alone, there are some beautiful and awesome functionalities that which you can use with on your WordPress Blog easily.
On this post, we’d be taking a look at one of those functionalities to make your WordPress blog look more awesome which is the “Categories Drop-Down Menu”

How To Create A Drop-Down Menu On WordPress Categories

Dropdown Menu allows you to add other sub-categories to the Main categories on your blog thereby making it lot easier for readers to find other topic of their interest on your site.

     Although the Google Blogger Platform also allows you to do that using HTML/JAVA-SCRIPT or editing the HTML Section of your Blog WHILE WordPress requires only a simple drag and drop to make it works!

     What Types of Topics Can I Add As Sub-Categories?

You can add as many topics as possible to your Sub-categories but always ensure they are relevant. For Instance; if you’re running a technology blog which cover a vast amount of topic like Gadget Reviews, Tech News, PC Updates, and etc.

    You can add the sub-categories of “PC Review, Phone Review, and Electronics Review” under the Parent Category of “Gadget Reviews”.

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How to Add Sub-categories to your WordPress Blog

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 – Now at the left section of your dashboard, you’ll see a list of some buttons. Simply select the “Appearance” button and then choose “Menu”

Step 3 – You’ll be taken to the list of Menus that can be and/or already added to your blog. Now create your Menus if you did not have one before.
    After adding your Parent Menu, then add the Menus you would like to be your sub-categories

Step 4 – Once you’re done with that, now drag the Menus which you’d like it to be your sub-categories to under the Parent Categories (check screenshot below)

How To Create A Drop-Down Menu On WordPress Categories

You can also watch the short video below to see how exactly you need to drag and drop the Menus.

You might want to ask that;

Do I Really Need Sub-categories on my Blog?

 The answer is YES and NO.

The answer is YES that is; you do not need Sub-categories on your blog if you only have very few topics you’re talking about on your site.
  While in the other hand, you do need sub-categories on your site if your site covers a lot of topic so much that the header section cannot contain it all.

BOTTOM LINE: DID you know that Sub-Categories can also help to increase your site traffic? Of course it can as readers would be able to easily find other categories from the Top Menu bar!

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