Quantitative Maths Questions! Practice and Request for Solutions!

Quantitative Maths Questions! Practice and Request for Solutions!
1.     If victory was 18 months old one year ago, how old was hw in months, x months ago?
A.    X – 30
B.    X – 12
C.     18 – x
D.    24 – x
E.     30 – x
2.     A restaurant orders 150kg of pumpkins from the farmer’s market. The farmer fills the order with 23 pumpkins. The average mass of the first 20 pumpkins is 6.5kg. what must be the minimum average mass of the remaining 3 pumpkins to the fill order?
A.    5.5kg
B.    5.67kg
C.     6.67kg
D.    7kg
E.     11.5kg
3.     The square root of 636 is between which set of inegers?
A.    24 and 25
B.    25 and 26
C.     26 and 27
D.    27 and 28
E.     28 and 29
4.     In a forest 150 deer were caught, tagged with electronic makers, then released. A week later, 50 deer were captured in the same forest. Of these 50 deer, it was found that 5 had been tagged with the electronic makers. If the percentage of tagged deer in the second sample approximates the percentage of tagged deer in the forest, and if no deer had either left or entered the forest over the preceding week, what is the approximate number of deer in the forest.
A.    150
B.    750
C.     1, 250
D.    1, 500
E.     2, 500
5.     A type of extra-large SUV average 12.2 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway, but only 7.6 mpg in the city. What is the maximum distance, in miles, that this SUV could be driven on 25 gallons of gasoline?     
A.    190
B.    284.6
C.     300
D.    305
E.     312
6.     Them ratio of two quantities is 5 to 6. If each of the quantities is increased by 15 what is the ratio of these 2 new quantities?
A.    5.6
B.    25.27
C.     15.16
D.    20.21
E.     It cannot be determined from the information given
7.     In an animal behavior experiment, 50 tagged white pigeons and 200 tagged gray pigeons were released from a laboratory. Within one week, 88 percent of the white pigeons and 80.5 percent of the gray pigeons had returned to the laboratory. What percent of the total number of pigeons returned to the laboratory?
A.    80.5
B.    82.
C.     82.5
D.    85
E.     86.5
8.     At the wholesale store you can buy an 8 pack of hot dogs for S1.55, a 20-pack for S3.05 and a 250-packed for S22.95. what is the greatest number of hot dogs you can buy at this store with S200?
A.    1,108
B.    2,100
C.     2,108
D.    2,124
E.     2,256
9.     One day a car rental agency rented 2/3 of its cars, including 3/5 of its cars with CD players. If ¾ of its cars have CD players what percent of the cars that were not rented had CD players
A.    10%
B.    35%
C.     45%
D.    66%
E.     90%
10.                       A farmer with 1,350 acres of land had planted his fields with corn, sugar cane, and tobacco in the ratio of 5:3:1, respectively, but he wanted to make more money, so he shifted the ratio to 2:4:3, respectively. How many more acres of land were planted with tobacco under the new system.
A.    90
B.    150
C.     270
D.    300
E.     450
11.                       If a three –digit number is selected at random from the integwers 100 m- 999, inclusive, what is the probability that the first digit and the last digit of the integer will both be exactly two less than the middle digits?
A.    1:900
B.    7:900
C.     9:1,000
D.    1:1000
E.     7:100
12.                       Three different lumberjacks, can chop W amount of woods in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 50 minutes respectively according to their different levels of skill with the axe. How many wood, in terms of W, could the two fastest lumber jacks chop in two hours?
A.    6 2/3W
B.    6W
C.     4 2/3W
D.    3W
E.     2 2/3W
13.                       The last year jacke saved 5% of her annual salary. This year she made 10% more than last year, she saved 8% of her salary. The amount saved this year was what percent of the amount she saved last year?
A.    56%
B.    76%
C.     158%
D.    176%
E.     188%
14.                       The marked price for a pair of shoes is 60% above the cost price. A shop keeper sells the pair of shoe after giving a discoung x%. Now he raised the marked price by x% and gave a discount of (x + 5) %. If the profit earned in the second case is twise that of the first case, find the value of x.
A.    20
B.    25
C.     10
D.    15
15.                       If a paper cost N1 a sheet, and a buyer gets 2% discount on all the papers she buys after the first 1,000 sheets, how much will it cost to buy 5,000 sheets of paper?
A.    N49.20
B.    50.20
C.     3,920.00
D.    4.920.00
E.     5.000.00