3 Easy Ways to Create A More Energetic and Positive Classroom Atmosphere

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a positive study environment as a teacher is essential not only in boosting
children/teens’ study morale, but in maintaining and promoting a healthy and
joy-filled classroom.

is widely known that wearing a negative look into the classroom or having a
negative posture when teaching can send mixed and sometimes wrong signals to
your pupils/students, which not only ruins your chances of getting your lessons
for that day across, but increases the chances of disrupting how these little
ones perceive primary and secondary education.

positive environment outperforms a negative one.

is a popular saying that likeability wins every time. It’s true. It does, and
it still works.

speakers of today need to appear likeable, in their speech, dress, posture to
win the bulk of the crowd, even presidents. It’s no wonder former US President
Barack Obama swept the polls in a landslide victory.

today are not only hiring because of good CVs or matchless university degrees.
They look beyond that.

evaluate how much you can connect with these kids, not just the intellect you
bring to the classroom but that tool of enthusiasm every child needs to stay
focused in learning.

what do you do? Is that the end of the road for you? Are you going to get
fired? You could, if parents complaints are already a bucket-full.

you can turn the tides in your favour. You can ship through that storm unabated
and arrive at the other end with a smile of victory.

article will help you with just that.

are two questions you should ask yourself every day, in or out of your

1. When students enter my classroom, are
they happy?

2. When they leave, are they smiling and
feeling positive about their learning experience?

there is a plethora of ways you can change your classroom, there is one that is
guaranteed to help your students even more. It’s called the “dynamics of

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when I said earlier that positive environment outperforms a negative one? That
is what I’m referring to the dynamics of positivity. You should want every
child under your tutelage to feel good about being in your class, every time.
You should want every child feel excited every time you scribble something on
the board or stand in front of the classroom to explain “what is

How do you promote the dynamics of
positivity? Below are three ways

  • Always Greet Your

ever ignore the greetings of a child. It’s their way of connecting with you on
a personal level. Returning the gesture shows you care and makes them open to
learning. A more powerful response is returning them with a smile. Let your
voice carry the sound that says “I’m happy to be here with you

  • Make it a Point to Move

all day not only causes butt pains, but introduces boredom in the classroom.
Ever wondered why schools do small exercises during mornings? It raises the
mental alertness of a child and sets the right mood for learning.

a time to go outside once per class, have a bit of fun, then, back into the
classroom. You’d be surprised at the amazing changes these bring.

  • Have Them
    Talk About The Positives At The End of Class

students reflect about the positive sides of your class, it actually makes them
feel good and positive about themselves. It makes them want to be in school, in
your class the next day. Every day.