4 Expenses Upcoming Bloggers Should Prepare Themselves For.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are looking forward to being a blogger in which most did not know the major reason why but just for the sake of being called a blogger and also to be earning something. However the real truth is; blogging isn’t something you start for free and begin to earn without invest.
There are certain commitments, efforts likewise investments you need to make on your blog before then. On this post are the major 4 expenses to prepare yourself for.

4 Expenses Upcoming Bloggers Should Prepare Themselves For.

4 Expenses You Should Prepare Yourself For, As A Blogger

1. Domain Name – Before spending anything else on your blog, this seems to be the foundation and the first thing to get for your blog. For those who are still currently running the .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com free subdomain, it is recommended you brace yourself up and be preparing for the expenses of a custom domain soon most especially if you would like to take your blog to the next level.
This is because having a .com makes your blog looks more professional and easier to remember by your readers unlike having something like www.example.wordpress.com.

2. Hosting – In one of our previous post where we mentioned about some of the best and Top CMS Blogging Platform you can use to start a blog, we did include Self-Hosted WordPress as one of the best platform out there. However before you can start using the Self-Hosted WordPress Platform, You’ll need to first get a Hosting account for you to host your site.
To get started in using the WordPress Platform, You can get a hosting account from a Reliable Hosting Provider like Bluehost, SiteGround, and others. Once you’ve purchase your hosting account, then you can move on to installing WordPress and begin the setup.

3. Premium Themes and/or Plugins – If you would like to make your blog look more awesome and Unique, there are several premium themes out there that can make your blog look more amazing. Regardless of the blogging platform you’re using be it Blogger or WordPress, you can always get a Premium themes for your site. For WordPress users, you can head over to Themeforest for huge collection of themes and plugins.

4. Professional Service – Whether you’re running a blogger blog or WordPress, there will always be one time or the other where you’ll need the help of a professional service. This support can be gotten from Professionals who are well versed with the Platform and it could be;
1. Designing/Redesigning Your Blog
2. Optimizing Your Site Speed
3. Getting You A Custom Domain
4. Fixing one or two bugs on your site
5. Setting up your site
and etc.

BOTTOM LINE: To be successful in Blogging is sweet but the secret is sweat. Before thinking of starting a blog, we strongly advise you ensure to bear these expenses in mind.