5 Nigerian Payment Gateways You Can Use On Your Site

Payment Gateway though might not be new to some people but it’s a word that is undoubtedly strange to certain internet users. However if you’re a webmaster, i assume there must have been a time or two whereby you had come across the word “Payment Gateway” but nevertheless, if this your first time of hearing it, we’re going to break down into what Payment Gateway are, how they can benefits your site and how to install them on your website.

5 Nigerian Payment Gateways You Can Use On Your Site

Payments Gateway according to Microsoft Encarta Dictionary is simply a server or organization acting as an interface between the payments system of retail seller, acquirer, and issuer with regard to Internet payments (used in e-commerce).
The summary of the above definition is that Payment gateway is a pretty payment interface system which allows you visitor/customers/users to pay easily online from your website.

How Payments Gateway Can Benefits Your Site

Payment Gateway has a lot of advantages when you have them installed on your website in which some of the advantages are listed below;
1. They make your site looks more professional with the added functionality
2. Your customers get to pay easily without you disclosing your bank account details
3. Visitors/Customers can pay you anytime, any day and anywhere across the world
How To Install Payments Gateway On Your Site
To install Payments Gateway on your website, you’ll need to use payment processors in which there are lots of them out there that which you can use.
Below are some lists of Payment Processor Gateway you can install on your site

1. Interswitch – is a leading Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company offer integrated payment and transaction processing across all channels. They are undoubtedly the number #1 on this list and more reliable to use although setup fee is a little bit expensive.

2. VoguePay: Voguepay is one of the leading payment gateways which allow webmasters to receive payments on their website from visitors or readers using their Debit cards. Voguepay offer two different plans; one for Individual and the other for Business.
The Individual plan only supports using MasterCard and had some other limited features while the business plan is not restricted as it supports all forms of Debit cards.

3. PayMe – PayMe is one of the fastest and simplest payment gateways to use for your website. In less than 20 minutes, PayMe.Ng allows you easily have your own online payment processor via a custom link whereby your customers can pay for your products using their debit cards.
4. SimplePay – Whether your business needs one-time payments or recurring billing, SimplePay.Ng can cater to your needs. They are one of the Nigerian payment processor out there to use on your site

5. PayStack – Paystack allows you to configure your site to receive payments whether through card or through bank accounts. It’s pretty simple to setup and you can set up a one-time or recurring payments charge.

  Do let us know which one of these you’ve tried before.