How To Stop Your Android Phone From Hanging/Being Too Slow

Android phones are one of the hottest devices being widely used nowadays. Perhaps one could say the major reason why a lot of people choose to prefer them is because the Android OS [Operating System] is flexible thus making it to support a lot of applications for further and advance functionalities.

However while the phone could make one’s life easier because of its multitasking purposes, it can also be frustrating when the phone takes much longer time before it load a certain task.
On this post, we shall be taking a look on why an Android Phone could be hanging/being too slow and likewise what you can to resolve the issue.

How To Stop Your Android Phone From Hanging/Being Too Slow

The Android Operating System which had over a million applications on the Google Play Store is one of the most flexible OS nowadays. As a matter of fact, i think the only mobile OS that gained the fame attained by Android currently now was the JAVA mobile OS some years ago.

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However despite that a typical Android phone could multitask performing several functions at a time, it can also be frustrating in the case of a slow Android Phone. Maybe you are a victim of these type of slow Android phone but do not worry, we have provided some tips on this post to help you find out why your phone is slow and how to fix it.

3 Major reasons Why Your Android Phone Could Be Hanging & How To Resolve It

1. Too much App – Since Android is known to have quite a large amount of Applications on the Play Store, it can be really tempting to download as many as possible. For instance; if you love to edit pictures, instead of downloading 3 mobile application pictures editors, you might found as many as possible and end up downloading more than 6 applications.
The result of this is that too much of those applications would be making your phone to hang. The best solution to this is; is that you should try to minimize the app on your phone.

2. Low RAM – Sometimes the fault could be from the mobile android device probably it had a very low RAM. This low RAM could make your phone to constantly freeze and hang. However in this case, the best thing in this type of scenario is that; it is impossible to upgrade the RAM of your phone.
You either reduce the amount of tasks or app you use or you get a phone with higher RAM.

3. Bad App – The thing is despite that Google Play Store is an awesome place to get interesting applications, you might also stumbled upon some bad apps which can cause your phone to freeze. Hence it is best to always be careful with the application you download from the Google Play Store.
   And there goes the top 3 Things That Freeze Your Phone and How To Resolve It

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