Have Fun With This Android Movie Character Voice Changing App!

Android Operating System owned by Google is one of the most common and popular mobile operating system being widely used nowadays especially in Nigeria. Perhaps one could assert that the major reason why Android OS popular was because of the flexibility of the Operating System allowing other mobile technology hardware company and software engineer to extend its function.

A visit to the Google Play Store which is the official store for downloading Android Apps and Games will undoubtedly left one without doubt that the Android Operating System does really deserve the fame that which it had earned by now.

While there are lots of applications on the Android Play Store with each one having their own functions, we’d be taking a look at one of the app today which is the “Movie Character Voice Effects Android App”

Have Fun With This Android Movie Character Voice Changing App!

Voice Effects Android App is of different types in the Google Play App Store though but the one that which you’re about to be introduced to on this post is that of the Movie Character Voice Effects App.
This App allows you to record your voice and coverts it to any of the famous movie character voice which are listed on the app. Some of these Popular Movie Character effects which you can use are;

1. Batman – When you hear Gotham city, what comes to your mind is batman who is a major character in the film. The batman voice effect is the number voice effect on the list that which you can use.
2. Soundwave GI – Is a character from the movie titled Transformer. You can also transform your voice to the cool Soundwave GI voice effect too.
3. Reverse Flash – Ever heard of the phrase “I am not like the Flash at all; some would say i am the Reverse Flash”. The Reverse Flash is one of the antagonists from the Flash Marvel Movie and guesses what?!
You can also use his voice effect too in the App.
4. Hulk – Majority of us are familiar with the big giant character from the Marvel Movie titled Hulk, right?! “Hulk like Raging Fire, Thor like Smoldering Fire”
The Hulk Voice effect is one of the funny voice effects from the app.
5. The Flash – Barry Allen known as the Flash is a speedster from the Flash Science Fiction Popular Movie. You can use his voice effect from the app by saying his words “I can do this cool thing with my Vocal Cords If I Vibrate Them” or anything else you’d like to say.
Other Movie Character Voice Effects that which you can use are; “Kylo Ren”, “Green Arrow”, “Optimus Prime”, “Jigsaw”, “Minion”, “Stormtrooper”
and etc.

Want to have fun and try all the above mentioned voice effect? Head over to Google Play Store and Download Voice Effect App right away!