Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Followers On Twitter

Assuming you woke up one morning in an attempt to send a tweet on your twitter timeline and after checking your twitter social followers’ stats in order to see how well your handle is faring, you are surprised at what you saw!
Your twitter followers’ stats had dropped by a sizable amount of followers and your mind begins to pop different questions like “What”, “When” and “Who”?
Questions like;

“WHAT cause the reduction in your social media followers”?
“WHEN was the social media followers’ list reducing”?
“WHO are those that unfollowed you on twitter”?


WHAT IS Twitter?

Twitter is a social media like Facebook but more of a micro-social network platform which allows people to share tweets, follow users, interact with each other and also learn more about what’s trending as at that moment. As of today, twitter is one of the favorite social media out there especially with big brands and celebrities using the platform.
Today we’re taking a look on how to find out what could cause you to lose followers on the social media platform called Twitter.

3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Followers On Twitter

There are three Major reasons that can cause Reduction in your Followers’ List which are;

1. Irrelevant Posts

The thing is; when someone follows you on twitter, they do so based on what they read about you from your bio or probably from another source where they get to learn about you. However when you begin to tweet something not in-line with what’s on your bio, you might experience reduction in your followers’ list.
 Let’s say for instance; you claimed to be an Internet Entrepreneur, hence someone who’s interested about earning income online tends to follow you on twitter BUT when you begin to tweet about entertainment news, the person might decide to unfollow you since you’re not sharing update based on the person’s interest again.

2. Frequent Tweets

Apart from the factor mentioned above, if you are sharing tweets too frequently on your social media handle, it might irritate some of your followers as they won’t be able to see other people’s updates on their wall but yours and yours only. In lieu of this, they might feel the tendency to unfollow you on twitter.

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3. Not Smart Enough

If your tweets is too scanty or not smart enough – Nowadays there are lots of information online and people tends to trust you more when you share with them quality information. However if you are the type who only update his twitter timeline once in three months or posting tweet not smart enough, you might begin to start losing your followers.
   In our next post, we shall be talking about how to find out who unfollowed you on twitter likewise when they unfollowed you.