How To Make Money In Real Estate In Nigeria

Having you been looking for a side hustle to your regular job? Are you currently jobless and want to take a part-time job that could fetch you more money than a full-time job?

Real Estate business in Nigeria can help you earn six to seven figures monthly. You might be wondering how. The thing is if you know how to talk to people, you can make a regular income from real estate. You can make money in real estate in Nigeria with zero capital.

This is similar to affiliate marketing where you earn a commission for a referral if a purchase is made. The only difference is, real estate is not digital, there is no purchasing link.

How To Make Money In Real Estate In Nigeria

Let me clarify things properly. In real estate business, what you need to do to earn money is to make sales. Real estate is all about real properties (house or land). So for you to grow your income in this biz, you must be able to sell properties especially land.

Real estate business is not meant for everyone but for those are not satisfied with their current cash inflow. But is there enough to what you can earn even though you are comfortable? Not at all!

There are many people who have eventually turned this business into their fulltime job and are making millions of naira monthly. Many white collar jobs in Nigeria won’t pay you close to N500k a month even on a managerial level.

How You Can Begin Earning From Real Estate

There are many real estate companies in Nigeria. All you need to do is to register as an independent consultant (marketer) with them and then refer a buyer and get paid.

How Can You Get Buyers?

You might be thinking you can’t find a buyer since land is very expensive but that’s not true. People buy land often. It is for you to talk to the right people at the right time or right place. You have friends on social media, you belong to a religion where you attend gatherings weekly, you have colleagues in your workplace and any of these groups can be where you can get your first buyer. Even if they don’t buy they might know someone who knows someone else that could buy.

You could also place adverts on social media, forums, blogs, and property listing sites. Property buyers tend to search this online platforms when trying to buy a land or a house. Another thing you could do is to distribute flyers. This method has enabled many people to make sales.

Does Your Location Matters?

Most of these real estate companies eg PWAN is based in Lagos but has lands and offices in other states of Nigeria. A consultant cannot be in all these states just to sell a property. So it doesn’t really matter if you live in Lagos or not. There are some who live abroad and sell land here in Nigeria and get paid.

How Will The Company Know Who Referred The Buyer?

The client interested in buying the property will be given a form where he/she fills all his/her details and also adds the name, phone number and email of the consultant(marketer) who referred him/her.

What Is The Commission?

The commission is usually from 15-20% based on the property but is subject to terms and conditions.

How To Register?

You can register manually or online. If you choose to register online then follow this link.

The most important question some people will ask is, will they really pay me after making sales? Well, I have attached some links to the screenshot of payments by the company of different consultants to confirm how genuine it is. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

So won’t you rather give real estate business a trial? You work at your own convenience and you can earn while you sleep.