How To Make Your PC Narrate What’s On Your Screen

Computers are a great portable technology machine which not only helps us to do our tasks much faster but also easier. With a computer, you can type a document containing 650 words or more without feeling burned out depending on your WPM Speed. However had it been it was to write 650 words on a sheet of paper, you’ll agree with me that it isn’t going to be a little bit difficult.

At the same time, you can use email service provider to send instant messaging to your friend living outside your country within seconds whereas it will take days if you are to deliver a message in person to that same friend.

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So now you see that; Technology most especially Computers have made things lots easier for us. But do you know, you can still make Computers more flexible in terms of usage?
On this post, we’d be taking a look on how to make your computer more efficient and easy to use via the Ease of Access Center.

How To Make Your PC Narrate What's On Your Screen

The Ease of Access center is a feature which comes with every Microsoft Operating System to enable users use their PC more efficiently. Although there are different sections and functions that which you can setup your computer for in the Ease of Access Center, we’d be talking about how to make your computer read what’s on your screen.

How To Make Your PC Narrate What’s On Your Screen

Do you know you can make your PC narrate whatever is shown on your screen? And this doesn’t apply to whatever is shown alone but also whenever you’re typing a document.
This kind of feature is called the Narrator Ease of Access Feature. To activate the Narrator feature on your computer, simply;

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu Button
Step 2: Scroll over to the “Control Panel” and select
Step 4: From the list of different functions shown at the “Control Panel”, choose the Ease of Access Feature
Step 5: You’ll be provided with lot of options around this area, simply head over to the “Start Narrator” button!
  After you’ve done that, a voice would immediately start narrating what’s on your PC screen.

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Also, If you love the cool Narrator effect, you can check out other cool Ease of Access like;

1. Using the Computer without a Display – Part of this is the Narrator that narrates what’s on your PC screen
2. Make The Computer Easier To Use Via Visual – This aspect allows you to make your screen brighter, use the Magnifier and other visual effects
3. Make the Computer Text Display Larger – Do you know you make your computer text more larger than the default settings. Although this feature is made for people who are having difficulty in sight, you can also try it our for fun

Bottom LINE: You can always checkout More features can be found via the Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Ease of Access.