Is Google Blogspot Becoming Dead?

Google Blogger Platform like we once shared on one of our previous post is one of the most populous blogging platform in the blogosphere. The platform which was initially started by a tiny company called Pyra Labs before being acquired by Google in 2003 was known to have been in existence for a long time.
However with the recent changes going on the internet, some users especially those who are using the platform are beginning to wonder maybe the platform is beginning to lose some of its efficiency that made people to love it from the start.

This set of people then comes with a certain question which is “Is Google BlogSpot Platform Dead in terms of update?”

Is Google Blogspot Becoming Dead?

Although when Google Blogger Platform first started, it was just a simple platform with few elements and features but a lot of changes had been made today as there are lots of customizations that you can make with the Blogger Product.
However it still seems most blogger users are starting to doubt the platform as there are questions like “Is Google BlogSpot Dead” being search on the Google Search Engine.
But; is Google Blogger Platform REALLY DEAD?
The answer is NO!

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Though it might seem like the Blogger Platform is limited and not advancing but that is quite untrue due to a number of reasons which we listed some below;

1. New Themes – Recently around early 2017, Google introduced some new Blogger themes likewise designs to the blogger. These themes are pretty beautiful and they are Soho, Contempo, Emporio, and Notable.
Also, each of these new themes has different designs in which users can select from them.

2. Theme Updates – When Google released the new blogger themes, the theme contains awesome functionalities which were not available on the previous default blogger themes.
 Not quite long after the announcement of the themes, users requested for a particular update on one of the new theme called Emporio and in little time, the Blogger Theme added the updates to the blog.

3. HTTPS AVAILABALITY – Https which simply means a more secure connection was initially available to blogs using subdomain but now, Google had make HTTPS available to Blogger using custom domains too.
This is one of the most important features most users have been looking forward to.

4. Unlimited Designs – In the beginning, Majority find Blogger too basic because of its few themes from the dashboard but now, there are unlimited designs likewise themes from 3rd party that work with Blogger sites.
With these type of themes, a professional blog designer can design your blogger blog to Portfolio Site, School site, Business, and etc. without you spending heavily on hosting fee.

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