Here’s 4 Best Ways You Can Manage Blogging With Studies

If you are a student and at the same time managing a blog, you would agree with me that it can be a little bit hard to do the two at the same time. This is because you have to outsource likewise made research for post and at the same time deal with academic activities.
However we have gathered some tips for you to make you manage blogging with studies effectively.

Here's 4 Best Ways You Can Manage Blogging With Studies

4 Best Ways You Can Manage Blogging with Studies

1. Use Blog Planner – Writer’s Block is the most common enemy content creators do face. It is a situation whereby as a blogger, you would have a blank idea of what to share on your blog. If you are a student, you might think it was because of the hassle of studies that made you lose idea of what to post but there’s a solution!
You do not need to worry about what to post on your blog when you have a Blog planner. A Blog Planner with the likes that of CassieDaves Blog Planner gives you the ability to jots down your post ideas likewise which days of the week you wanted to publish them. This will prevent the incidence of you having to struggle with what content you need to create.

2. Use a Hassle-Free Blogging Platform – Since as a student, you won’t be having a lot of free time due to academic activities, the best thing is to go for a blogging platform that would give you lesser headaches to deal with. Since there are lots of CMS Blogging platform out there, it wouldn’t be hard for you to pick the one that would suits you and your time.
As at this moment, we recommend you begin with the Google Blogger Platform – Jayscience.

3. Use a Reliable Hosting Provider – In the option Number 2, we mentioned about going for a blogging platform that gives you lesser headaches where we mention the Google Blogger Platform  for example.
The major reason why we mentioned the Google Blogger Platform was because they are reliable when it comes to security and ensuring your website Uptime.
 However if you would like to up your game and go for Self-Hosted WordPress where you’ll be the one to host your website, then you should ensure you choose a Reliable Hosting Provider like Bluehost. This is because a Reliable Hosting Provider allows you to be rest assured without worrying whether your site is down or not thus making you to concentrate fully on your studies.

4. Have a Schedule and Stick to It – If you do not want blogging to clash with your academic activities, the best thing is to ensure that you have a strict schedule and that you duly follow it too.
 Having a scheduler allows you to manage time for both academic activities likewise blogging without interrupting each other.