5 Ways To Get a High Score In Your Jamb Exam

As the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Exam has drawn nearer, millions of candidates in Nigeria are warming up and eager to participate in the exam. Nobody wants to fail, all want to score high mark in Jamb and we have decided to help you in making that dream come true by gathering some tips we believe would be helpful for you.

The JAMB exam is an exam done to gain admission into a higher institution for O level students. Every year, there are lot of candidates who partook in the exam and while some made it into the higher institution, some did not.

5 Ways To Get a  High Score In Your Jamb Exam

To cut the long story short, below are 5 tips on how to score high in JAMB.

5 Ways To Score An High Score In Your Jamb Exam

1. Study past Questions – Do not just read only textbooks, study past questions and resolve them. Apart from the fact that there are chances some Past Questions are going to be roll over into this forthcoming exam, Studying Past Questions also allows you to get familiarized with how the UTME questions are being set.

2. Practice with CBT App – Now that you’ve gone tutorial, read textbooks likewise study past questions, another part of it is to practice with the soft-copy method. The soft-copy in this case could be a “Computer Based Test Software”, “Mobile App” or even an “Online e-test Platform”.
Since the forthcoming exam is a Computer Based One, Practicing with a CBT App before the exam is going to get you prepared. You can download MySchoolTrick CBT/Mobile App for sample.

3. Be Confident – No matter how great you had prepare yourself, if you fail to believe in yourself, you might panic and end up picking the wrong answers. There’s this quote that mentioned, if you did not believe in yourself, you had already lost the race before it even started.
Before leaving home and entering the hall, look into the mirror and say to yourself that you can do it! Confidence is also one of the things you’re going to need for if you were to go for Scholarship Award hence the importance of having confidence.

4. Relax Your Brain – While preparing for the exam, you shouldn’t forget to relax your brain sometimes too. Ensure you take a Nap and also good night rest to prevent your brain from information clogging.
     While it is good to read as much as you can in preparation for your exam, it is also best to relax your brain so it can refresh and be able to retain likewise store information.

5. Include God in Your Plan – Read as if you does not pray and pray as if you do not read. You also need to include God in your plan as you are working towards the exam. Most people make the mistake of thinking they can all do it alone, while it might be possible, there are lesser chances of.
Wishing you all the best as you prepare for the exam!