Top 5 Paint Producing Companies In Nigeria

Building a house is something while making it to look more beautiful and amazing is entirely something else. While there are lots of elements integrated to beautify buildings, the most common and important part is Painting. Painting does not only adds touches to a building but also makes it more distinctive and colorful

Of course there are certain other things that Paints are used for but quite frequently and often, Paints are used for building. Having known what Paints are used for likewise their importance, we will be sharing with you Top 5 Paint Producing Companies In Nigeria.

Top 5 Paint Producing Companies In Nigeria

So whether you are looking to buy paints in large quantity or you’re retailers looking for Paint Producing companies where you can buy from so you could sell them in smaller units to consumers, you’ll definitely find this list handy.
Now let’s get started


1. Berger Paints Nigeria: Founded in 1760 by a German color chemist, Berger Paints is a leading company when it comes to the production of top quality paint in Nigeria. The company began operating in Nigeria in 1959 and runs in different fine segments which are; Industrial coatings, Architectural and Decorative furnishes, Marine and Protection coatings, Wood finishing likewise preserves, Automotive and vehicle refinishes.

Their headquarters though operates from Lagos, Nigeria but the company runs over twenty five depots across Nigeria.

2. Dulux Paints: In the revolution of top quality paint production in Nigeria, Delux Paints officially seems to be the one leading the pack. The company offers not only over one hundred and twenty colors scheming with precision and high speed, but also color consultancy services to customers in need.
Dulux Paints Company which offers durability and beauty is a flagship brand of the segment of CAP plc and has branches in over ten major Nigerian cities.

3. President Paints Nigeria: The indigenous paint company which was incorporated in 1987 specializes in color development, products advice and paint application.
It is known as one of the leading indigenous paint manufacturing company in Nigeria and currently run about five hundred retail outlets in Nigeria.

4. Inter Color Industries Nigeria Limited – This Company is located at Port Harcourt city, capital of Rivers state and produces high quality acrylic paint.

5. International Paints West Africa [IPWA] – IPWA is a first generation producer of Nigerian paint and certified by the Nigerian industrial standards also certified by the standard organization of Nigeria.
It is a major supplier of the finest quality of paints to Nigerians with the production plant in Port Harcourt and Lagos state while the company also has outlets in other major Nigerian cities. IPWA are producers of building and industrial paints, marine and protective coatings, packaging coating and other allied products, likewise wood finishes and refinishes.

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