Total Video Converter – An Amazing Software To Convert Video To Audio

Have you ever had an interesting music video on your device and would like to have it in Audio format? Maybe you had tried downloading the audio format but you couldn’t find the right source or the one you’ve seen so far are not of higher quality like the one you had on your phone at that moment.
     If that is the case, today on this post, we shall be introducing to you a kind of software that would allow you to easily convert your Video Media Files into Quality Audio format.

Total Video Converter - An Amazing Software To Convert Video To Audio

Total Video Converter is a famous and known as productivity media software which allows users to convert media players to any format that they would like to convert it to.
 Also known as TVC, the software allows users to convert video file to audio file of different various portable format which can be played on small device like Android, iPhone, and other portable small phone.

Apart from converting video file to Audio file, the software also allows users to convert High Dimension Movie to the one that can be watched on mobile phone. Like for instance; if you had an HD Movie on your Personal Computer and would love to be able to watch it on your portable phone, you can use the TVC Software to convert to a format that can be played on your mobile device.

Below are more benefits of the Total Video Converter;


1. Convert Video To Audio – With the software, you can convert your video file to audio format. Audio format like AAC, M4A, AC3, AU, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA and etc.

2. Convert Video to Pocket Player – You can decided to convert your video file to pocket player features which includes; PSP Mpeg4, Ipod video, iPhone video, Apple TV, Apple iPad, Zune Video, PS3 Video, NOKIA Cellphone, Blackberry, Pocket PC and etcetera.

3. Convert and Burn – Let’s assume you had use the feature Number q to convert a Video to an Audio file, do you know you can also burn it to a CD, VCD or DVD?!

4. Use your Media for Web – If you would like to use your media file for web purposes instead, you can convert your Video media player to FLV, GIF and SWF format

5. Convert to Images – One of the most interesting part of this software is that you can even use it to convert your video file to JPEG Images!

6. Convert HD Video to Mobile Portable Video – If you have an interesting movie on your Computer and would love to watch it on your phone, you can also use it to convert to any portable format like; 3GP, ASF, MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI and so on!

Want to enjoy all of these features, download Total Video Converter here!