WhatsApp For Business – How To Use It and It’s Amazing Features

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and popular micro social media platforms being used nowadays for communication and instant messaging.

Some say the reason why the micro social media platform grows very fast in terms of awareness and fame is because of its simplicity, others say it was because of the application flexibility and functionalities but whatever reasons it was, they all agree to the fact that WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing social media platform today!

    Now since most of us are already familiar with what WhatsApp is and how it works, we shall be taking a look into one of the latest features brought by WhatsApp which is the “WhatsApp Business”.

WhatsApp For Business - How To Use It and It's Amazing Features

WhatsApp Business is a new development which is made for small likewise big business owners to use for their business awareness. The WhatsApp business App is simply an extension of the original WhatsApp app in which the major difference is that; the WhatsApp for business has some extra functionality for business owners.
Below are list of some of the features of the WhatsApp Business App;

Awesome Features of the New WhatsApp Business App

1. Auto reply – With the Auto-reply feature on WhatsApp business, you do not need to worry about making a potential customer feel ignored after they message you for the first time. This is because this feature allows you to set an auto-responder message in which automatically sends to customers when they’re chatting with you for the first time.

2. Image for Business – You can also setup an Image Cover on your WhatsApp Business Profile which can feature your work, phone number, and also few details so that first time users would know what your business is all about.
When doing this, it is recommended you use a high quality photo or perhaps hire a graphics designer to do the job for you. You can never how much a simple Graphics can do to boost your business’s awareness.

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3. Website URL – If your business has a website, you can also insert the website URL into the list of business WhatsApp profile details. The website link could be a blog of your business, your business website, or e-commerce site.
When you insert your URL, it not only makes people to learn more about your business, they also get to know what products and services that which you offer.

4. Address – If your business has a physical address, there is a section whereby you can fill in your address so customers can get to pay you a visit and for more enquiries.

5. Working Hours – Did your business have a working hours or working days? Like let’s assume you run a painting company which opens shop on Monday to Saturday and that time is from 8am to 6pm, this you can fill in on your WhatsApp business profile detail that is; your business runs from Monday to Saturday!