Where To Download Free High Quality Images Without Getting Sued

Quality Images are one of the important visual elements you can use when you’re trying to pass a message across your audience. If you run a blog, using high quality images won’t only improve the readability of your posts but also increase the website value in terms of SEO and visual appealing.

However seems finding quality images to use in a blog post are usually hard to find which makes most online content creators and site owners resort to grabbing images from Google and using it in their content. While this kind of method might seems easy, it is highly recommended not to do so as you might get into trouble if you grab a Copyrighted image from Google and use without legal permission from the owner.

But then, where can you now download free quality images without getting sued?

Where To Download Free High Quality Images Without Getting Sued

Although there are lots of stock images website out there where you can download images to use on your site, the thing is most of them are premium where you’ll need to pay a certain small amount fee before getting the images. But if you do not have the “small fee” and still would like to use high quality images, then you should continue reading this post.
       Since quality images are one of the top great blogging resources every blogger must have, we have decided to relieve you of the pain of having to look over for quality images online. Below are top sites to download free quality image

Top Websites to Download Free High Quality Image

Pixabay – Pixabay is one of the top website out there for downloading high quality stock image. With over 1,000,000 high quality images of different types, you are sure to find your choice from the website. For those who are Anime-lovers too, there are lot of anime photos that which you can use for advertising, on your blog post and/or anywhere.
Apart from downloading photos from the website, you also have the ability to register on the website and upload your photos for the world to download and use. Maybe you are a photographer, you can get to upload your pictures on the site and earn reward whenever a user donates to your picture.

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Rawpixel – Rawpixel is one of the fastest growing high quality stock photos website out there and nowadays. The last time i visited the website, the site was a huge collection of very high resolution of photos which comprises of living things, human beings, animated object, Nature, Animals and etcetera.
Rawpixel had also been featured on other top stock photos sharing site as they not only add photos on their website but also contribute some high quality photos to other website who are Creative Common licensed to share photos to the public.

Botttom line: If you’re planning to use a photo/s on your website, we’d advise you should rather grab photos from anyone of the mentioned sites we provided above that from Google.
This is because Grabbing pictures from Google could land you in trouble.
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