You Don’t Need A New Smartphone: How To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

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smartphones cost a helluva lot of money, new releases only carry minor changes
(which is quite unappealing given their price tags) and replacing your old
smartphone might come very unsettling as a user.

Maybe it’s
cos you are on a budget and can’t afford a new smartphone just yet.

Or perhaps
you have your money cut out for something else and getting a new phone is just
a rip off. Still, you can’t get enough out of your smartphone’s life and your
phone’s always walking like a snail in traffic.

Taking good
care of your smartphone is very essential as this will make sure your phone
lasts longer and works much faster.

On the plus
side, you may have to spend a wee little amount or none at all to keep your
phone breathing above normal.

Keep Your Phone at a Fairly Warm Temperature

affects the way phones perform generally. Using your phone directly under the
sunlight, inflates the temperature of your phone and can damage your touch

weather, or more precisely the temperature, can affect how these ions are
transferred between the electrodes,” explains Tech Advisor. “If it gets really
cold then they won’t move at all and the battery will not work.”

Delete Stuffs You Don’t Need or Rarely Use

Running low
on storage? This is a very common issue for smartphone users.

Low storage
reduces the snappy performance of your phone and can equally diminish the
longevity of your phone’s life.

That’s is
why cleaning up/ freeing up your phone’s storage is very important.

For iOS
users, go to Settings>General>Usage to view the apps that are grinding
away at your storage. For Android devices, go to Settings>Storage.

apps that you rarely use and keep an eye out for apps that take up large
storage space. Many apps become bloated over time after long usage.
Reinstalling them can give back a sizeable chunk of megabytes.

Battery Longevity

A common
problem that besets smartphone users is getting extra juice out of their
batteries. Before replacing that old battery, below are few tips to help you
squeeze enough from your battery.

  • Charge your phone battery only when you need
    to. Let your cell discharge fully or at least up to 50% before your next

  • Turn of your phone whenever you’re not using
    it. This helps to cool the battery temperature.

  • DO NOT OVERCHARGE your battery. If you intend
    to charge your phone over night without inspecting eyes, you can use an outlet
    timer to set a charging limit. When it reaches that limit, it will
    automatically put your phone off charging.

  • Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, 3G and 4G
    Systems when not in use. They drain the most out of your battery.