How to Sell Your Payoneer Funds At The Profitable Rate In Nigeria

How to Sell Your Payoneer Funds At The Profitable Rate In Nigeria

Sell payoneer funds in Nigeria–For those who may be confused, Payoneer is one of the main payment gateways in the world. Are you searching for ways to sell your payoneer funds or buy payoneer funds in Nigeria? The rate of buying and selling of ecurrencies or  online funds recently has increased drastically ranging from PayPal funds to Netteller and bitcoins. One has to get a trusted dealer for constant and continual transaction Lets get started!

Do you have Payoneer funds for sell? If yes, you are in the right place.

In this post I will show you how to sell Payoneer funds easily in Nigeria.

For those who are new to Payoneer, it’s a financial company that allows you to receive payment from foreign companies. Payoneer is number one PayPal alternative especially in countries that are not supported by PayPal.

There are list of e-currency exchangers in nigeria that you can use their service. But it’s difficult for me to mention them since I have not used their services before and cannot say anything about their trustworthiness.

Moreover, selling Payoneer funds is easy. I simply buy them. Yes, I buy Payoneer funds of any amount but you have to prove  that you’re the legitimate funds owner (not hacked from someones  account).

Imagine getting paid with N268/$ for your hard earned Payoneer dollars when the dollar is currently N360/$ at black/ parallel market?

That’s a whooping N92 being stolen by the banks from the single piece of dollars you might have earned.

For example, if you  had to work hard to earned $1,000 Payoneer dollars, that’s 1000 x 92 = N92,000 being stolen from you. As if that is not enough, they bill you $3.2 per ATM withdrawal and an additional $1 for checking your Payoneer account balance with the ATM machine after withdrawal.


You may have experienced all of this out of ignorance, but its time you stopped and sell your Payoneer dollars at the profitable rate in Naira.

We buy/exchange your Payoneer dollars for you at the best rates ever and then use it to help those who may need it for online transactions.So you can sell to us and smile to the bank.

Why You Should Sell/Exchange With Us? ==>1. Trusted! We’ve lasted more than you  can ever think of.
==>2. We buy as much as, as well as, as low as you can provide
==>3. We give you the best rate for your hard earned money
==>4. Fast  and digital response rates! We reply instantly on Whatsapp and Telegram
==>5. Excellent Payment! After receiving, confirming your fund, we credit your Nigerian bank account of choice with the Naira equivalent instantly (no time!)
==>6. The rate is dependent on the volume of Payoneer dollars you have for sale. That is, the higher the volume, the better the rate you will get from us.
==>7. If the “Pay/Make A Payment” features has been removed from your Payoneer account, making it impossible to transfer funds, but rely on ATM for withdrawals at an awkward rate.

Whats app us @ 08162534441
Skype/Telegram: Johnsonofonimeh
Email: [email protected]


JST-EXCHANGE is a P2P Buying and selling of online funds. JST_EXCHANGE Operates via Escrow services between buyers and sellers to avoid members loosing their hard earn funds.