5 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Since learning may imply a range of things to your young one – having little time for playing, no more sleeping and studying all day, it’s very rare for most children to enjoy learning or to look forward to going to school. This means that as a parent you need to motivate them to learn. In fact, if you want your young one to be an excellent student you should not limit learning to the classroom. Whether you are a home or in school you need to provide them with the ability to participate in the learning process. Here are the top 5 ways to motivate your child to learn:

1. Fill your child’s world with reading

According to studies, children who love reading always develop an interest in learning. Likewise, those who struggle with reading have a huge problem with learning.

Motivate Your Child to Learn

Reading not only helps the children to learn how to process the concepts but also help them to develop a richer vocabulary.

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By filling his world with reading, you will greatly help him develop his reading skills and boost his love for reading. One of the best ways of doing this is to make reading fun, allow them to choose their own books, and create activities that can make reading enjoyable.

2. Be enthusiastic and ask them questions

Motivating your child to may just mean paying attention to what they do. Asking him questions about what they learn, their school, and their teachers may also elicit their interest towards learning. Knowing that you are interested in what they are doing may the only thing they need to get motivated. You also need to ask questions so that you can know more about their school and also boost their interest in learning.

3. Involve him as much as you can

When it comes to learning, all that most children experience is total control. When a child feels controlled he often withdraws. Although it’s important to guide him through the learning process, allow him to have total control over what he or she is doing. When assigning them a learning project you need to allow them to select their own topic. More so, you need to allow them to choose their own extracurricular activity. The more input you are able to provide, the more motivated and engaged your child will become.

4. Celebrate his achievements and wins no matter how small they are

When it comes to your child’s progress you need to celebrate any kind of achievement that he gets. For instance, when he finishes a book, completes a book report or gets all the questions right you need to give him a treat. By doing this, you will provide him with a positive reinforcement that will encourage him to challenge himself and keep learning.

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5. Make learning fun

Having been around for a long time, game-based learning is not a new concept. Using games as a learning tool not only helps motivate the children but also provides them with an opportunity for deeper learning. When a child is actively involved in a game, his mind will enjoy learning due to the pleasure that they are experiencing. This is true whether the game is meant for entertainment or not.

In fact, entertaining games usually provides the added advantage of motivating the child to want to learn more. If they fear math, engage a math tutor.


Although finding a way to motivate your child to learn may take some time, it will be worth it if you see him taking his own initiative to learn. Following some of these tips will greatly help you if you want your child to be a stellar student.


Maria is part of the community outreach team at Edu Aid. Maria is passionate about ongoing education at all ages, and when isn’t learning new things is a keen walker and cyclist and can be found exploring.