4 Tech Tool(s) to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

Starting a top-notch business that can be global is now very possible with the aid of tech tool(s) to grow your business. Many shipping companies, open-air market, and other payment processors are well equipped to carry out universal transactions, just with a few clicks and tweaks. This tech tool(s) to grow your business will advertise your products and services in the world.

Tech tool(s) to grow your business in Nigeria

five types of tech tool(s) to grow your Business in Nigeria

  1. Translation services tech tool(s)

Google Translate is used in searching for a phrase or word. Expert commercial processes demand an expert translation facility to enable their materials that are being used for advertisement other printed materials are available in foreign languages. Here are examples of translation services tech(s) tools to your business.

  • Gengo

This is a tech tool(s) to grow your business with a labour force of over 14,000 translators that have approximately 36 different languages, this tech tool is capable of translating anything in any file format.

  • Rubric

Rubric tech tool(s) to grow your business focuses on localization and translation and services for software, tech, advertising, tourism, manufacturing, and publishing businesses. The firm offers services in over 144 languages through a network of self-regulating translation professionals and software engineers.

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  • VerbalizeIt

This firm operates on its human-powered translation platform, which links clients with a worldwide community of translators. Its services are text translation, live conversation explanation, mobile localization etc.

  1. Language learning tech tool(s)

If you’re going to concentrate on your worldwide marketable operations in a precise country or two, it’s critical to be conversant with the indigenous language and important business phrases. There are ample of selections for businesspersons who want to become expert in another language. Here is language learning tech tool(s) to grow your business.

  • BRIC Language Systems

BRIC is an acronym for developing markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, this tech tool(s) to grow your business is a language learning system that can be found online that syndicates updated learning methods with interactive online technology. Each training is tailored and imparted in real time by competent home-grown instructors. The company concentrates in Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish, and offers a business-specific program.

  • Duolingo

This well-known free tech tool(s) to grow your business and helps you learn a new language in a relaxed way. Materials are decoded by crowdsourced native speakers. This tool allows the user to get the advantage of learning the language as it is being used colloquially.

It can be found as a software for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in a diversity of European languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese etc.

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  • Fluenz

Fluenz tech tool(s) to grow your business in seven different language programs to its learners, making it a fast way to gain articulacy. These programs have been used by the United Nations, U.S military, UNICEF in time past.

3.     International trade references tech tool(s)

Business customs, tariffs, and regulations differ from country to country, so before you start shipping internationally, you’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with your destination country’s rules. There are numerous websites devoted to housing other international trade info:

  • gov (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

If you’re thinking of making sales abroad, Export. Gov tech tool(s) to grow your business should be your major aim. This government website has everything a U.S. business holder requires to recognize about overseas trading and offers inclusive guides on licenses.

  • TradeAbility (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

This tech tool(s) to grow your business was created by UPS enables you to regulate the measure of goods in any place around the world, in a “judicious, well-organized and compliant manner.” With traceability, you can check your total shipping costs, tariff codes and other import/export compliance, as well as screen for limited trade parties in other countries.

  • Trade Map (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

This was generated by the International Trade Centre, it provides graphs, tables, and maps with other trade info for 220 territories and 5,300 products. With the site’s search tools, you can find a performance of export, global demand, alternative and competitive markets, the encyclopedia of importing and exporting countries. This is an ideal tech tool(s) to grow business for businesspersons who want to sell their products.

  1. Global communication apps tech tool(s)

As many experts are cognizant, electronic mail is barely the right way to carry out actual-time business — specifically when you’re dealing with dignitaries in several countries. Because worldwide profession and data plans can become very expensive, corporate holders often go to unrestricted communication apps that operate around the globe to keep transactions going. Here is a few helpful tech tools that grow your business and many global entrepreneurs make use of:

  • Skype (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

Skype is one of the well-recognized tech tools. It is the known for video calls. You can use it to chat and send documents to anyone in any part of the world for free.

  • Tango (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

This tech tool(s) to grow your business allows you to send and also receive video calls, voice calls, and texts. You can communicate with people that are close to you, your photos and stickers can be customized with photos and stickers.

  • WhatsApp (Tech Tool(s) to grow your business )

This tech tool(s) to grow your business is used abroad to connect with operators on any kind of smartphone.