7 Chromebook App(s) for Nigerian Businesses

Chromebook Apps has been trending in the business world because of their security system. It has its own restriction because it is only Chrome browser that it can work with. The Google’s resolution for this Chromebook App(s) is the Google Play Store, which is available online for most Chromebooks. Since it is an android device, the applications can be install.

Google has listed out several Chromebook that can be seen on the Play Store. The only thing needed is that your Chromebook App(s) must be up to date. By following Google’s instructions in order to install the Chromebook app(s) if you don’t know the process.

Chromebook App(s) for business

7 Chromebook Apps for Nigerian businesses

1.   Spotify

Spotify is one of the Chromebook app(s) that has not been fully utilized, so one can benefit from this app in order to have a better feel for it. The Spotify interface has the ability to expand slightly if your Chromebook is big. This will provide you with a music player that you can use to stream tunes when you at work.

2.   Firefox

This might sound absurd because one is running a browser on Chromebooks, this can only be achieved with the aid of Play Store. This has been on many Android devices for some time, giving the web browser to run on Chrome OS. if you are thinking of carrying out an experiment or want to have a view of a website will look like using a different browser. You can make use of Firefox.

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3.   Adobe Lightroom

This Chromebook app(s) has made a key effort to guarantee that its Android apps are on point. By making use of the Adobe suite, you can edit photos from a Chromebook. Photoshop Express is another app that can work well with the Adobe suite on Chrome OS.

4.   Slack

This is another Chrome book (Apps), that if you are working on a job on the internet, then you have to make use of Slack. The Android version of Slack works efficiently than what comes with other Chromebook App(s) because one can run more than one accounts.

5.   Microsoft Office: 

Though, you might prefer G Suite to Microsoft apps. But you can’t do without Microsoft Office. Many firms have subscribed to Office 360. Therefore, at some point in your work, you have to make use of Microsoft Office. It also has is Online Office suite for Windows. Android device has their own versions of Excel, MS Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

  1.  Snapchat:

This is a Chromebook App(s) that allows you to manage a firm’s presence on Snapchat. You can use this Chrome book App(s) to follow other brands that view your day’s snaps. These Apps can’t adjust its size, but it gives you the opportunity to gain access to a social network without making use of a mobile device.

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  1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not like the web-based version of Outlook. This Chromebook App(s) can handle several accounts at once. It gives you the ability to run a client’s email that controls multiple addresses on many Chromebooks. This means you don’t need to open several diverse tabs for your diverse accounts.