7 Different Ways of Mobile Apps Monetization

Software programmers are making a huge profit from mobile apps monetization. As a software programmer, you must have spent several hours generating flawless mobile app. After the programming, you took it to the Apple Store so that you can publish it but the number of downloads didn’t go as you planned it. This is one of the major problems for app developers. Mobile Apps monetization is not only science but it is also an art that needs to be learnt.

Several Ways of Mobile Apps Monetization

Mobile Apps Monetization in Nigeria

These are the numerous ways of mobile apps monetization:

  1. Ad Placement (Mobile Apps Monetization)

This may sound apparent but carrying ads placement is the most recognized way of mobile apps monetization. To get more traffic from your ad placement, all you have to do is to make sure the ads do not appear too aggressive and the ads should enter the context very well.

  1. The code develop should be easy to read (Mobile Apps Monetization)

You’ll make a good source of money by creating an app that is known and can be read easily. This kind of app can become an expert app. For example, an app that the template has copyright can bring a huge amount of money for the software developer.

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  1. Offer in Apps Purchases (Mobile Apps Monetization)

Your mobile app download should be free, just like other mobile apps on app store. Most of these mobile apps that are downloaded on the internet are free. However, once individuals start to make use of your mobile apps, they might one to put the app for free.

  1. Offer a subscription based-service (Mobile Apps Monetization)

You won’t be able to make continuous monthly income from your mobile app until you have a good business model. Sometimes, you will make a good income some months you will not make a good income. With uneven revenue, taking your entire business to another next level entirely. You can also add a subscription service model which can give you a regular income. Your users just have to submit details of their bank account cards. This is a big way to draw revenue to yourself.

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  1. Make a free ‘Premium’ app (Mobile Apps Monetization)

You can keep the cost of the app very low in order not to drive away people. This will also keep users away from you that aren’t interested in your app. Doing this will bring those who are willing to pay are the ones that will be engaged to your apps.

  1. Use SMS Marketing: Mobile Apps Monetization

SMS advertising works like email marketing. People don’t change their numbers so easily and they don’t forget to unsubscribe. SMS works efficiently just like Email, it is highly personal which helps change operators into buyers. You have to test this to know if it is genuine.

  1. Think Sponsored: Mobile Apps Monetization

There is only one secret to most apps, even if your mobile app produces over 2 million downloads that won’t bring profitability to you. To make a good profit through your mobile apps, you will need to get a huge number of downloads.