All you need to know about growing carrots

There are some basic facts that need to be known about growing carrots. They belong to root vegetable that grows easily when it is being planted in loose and sandy soil. Most carrots varieties are resistant to pests and diseases. In fact, it is good to plant them during the rainy season. Their root contains plenty sugar and great vitamin and carotene. They have different colours of carrots.

If there is one thing you need to know about growing carrots, they shouldn’t be planted in heavy soil because when they come out their growth will be stunted. Their seed is being used in growing carrot and they take up two to four months before they are fully matured.

All you need to know about growing carrots

These are facts you have to know about growing carrots

  1. About growing carrot: Planting Carrot
  • The seeds should be planted outside and close to 3-5 before the rainy season.
  • Additional seed must be planted every 3 weeks in order to yield a maximum harvest.
  • The carrot seeds should be planted 3 to 4 inches apart in straight rows
  • Their germination is slow
  • The soil in which the carrot will be planted should be moist, not wet.

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  1. About growing carrots: Preparing the soil: The soil condition is one of the important things that must be put into consideration:
  • The soil should have no stones because they can cause stunted growth.
  • The soil should be tilled properly in order to loosen the soil.
  • Sandy and Loamy soil are the best soil to use in planting carrots.
  1. About growing carrots: Care
  • The soil should be mulch to retain moisture and also speed germination.
  • The soil should be water at least one inch a week.
  • Remove weed

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  1. About growing carrots: Pests and diseases control

Pests such as wireworms and flea beetles are pests of carrots. Aster Yellow Disease causes discoloration of carrot and also make the carrot to have hairy root. This can be controlled by cutting weeds down.

  1. About growing carrots: Harvest & Storage
  • Carrots are ready for harvest when they are fully grown and matured
  • They should be harvested during when the weather is cold in order to avoid the roots to grow fibrous.

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  1. About growing carrots: Storage
  • The tops should be twisted and they should be washed under cold water that is running to remove the dirt, dry and seal inside a plastic bag and then kept inside a refrigerator.
  • They can be stored in tubs of moist sand so that they can use during the winter period.