All You Need to Know About Menstrual Cup: Uses, Benefits and How to Use It

There’s no chance to get around it: periods can be irritating. Not exclusively do ladies need to endure spasms and PMS, but on the other hand there’s the cost and distress of tampons and pads.

All You Need to Know About Menstrual Cup: Uses, Benefits and How to Use It

Indeed, consider the possibility that you realized that there was a third choice — one that may really make your period something you can disregard. That alternative exists, and it’s known as the menstrual, or “diva,” cup. A menstrual cup is precisely what it sounds like: an adaptable container that ladies can embed into their vaginas with a specific end goal to gather their menstrual flow. Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, yet never truly got on similarly as tampons and pads. On the off chance that more ladies thought about menstrual cups and try them attempt, notwithstanding, numerous could never backpedal to utilizing tampons and pads. Captivating right? Well at that point read on for your answers on All You Need to Know About Menstrual Cup: Uses, Benefits and How to Use It.

Uses and Benefits Of Menstrual Cups

There are a couple of reasons to change to menstrual cups. One clear reason is that it’s better for environment, since a solitary menstrual cup is reusable for a long time and along these lines radically decreases squander. It will likewise spare you cash in the long run. Although menstrual cups have a higher in advance cost (generally one expenses around N10,000 and N13,000), you just need to get it once as opposed to stocking up each month — and it goes on for a considerable length of time.

Numerous ladies additionally find out that menstrual cups are more agreeable and advantageous than pads and tampons. Tampons shouldn’t be worn longer than eight hours or overnight on account of the danger of poisonous stun disorder, while pads abrade and now and again spill. On the off chance that ragged accurately, a menstrual cup doesn’t spill — in spite of having the capacity to be kept in for up to 12 hours — and shouldn’t be felt by any means. The danger of lethal stun disorder from a menstrual cups is additionally amazingly low contrasted with tampons.

How to Use Menstrual Cups

All You Need to Know About Menstrual Cup: Uses, Benefits and How to Use It

If worn properly, a menstrual cup shouldn’t feel awkward by any means. Truth be told, most ladies can overlook they have it in, on account of the adaptable silicone that warms up to coordinate your body warm.

All things considered, there is certainly an expectation to absorb information the first occasion when you use one. Regardless of whether you’ve been utilizing tampons for quite a long time, a menstrual cup isn’t exactly as straightforward as staying a wad of cotton and rayon up there. It requires rehearse and a specific level of being alright with your life structures. For instance, do you know what your cervix is and where it is? If not, that is something you’ll need to make sense of keeping in mind the end goal to ensure you’re situating your menstrual cup effectively.

As for inserting it, your menstrual cup should accompany a nitty gritty direction control, however the nuts and bolts are straightforward: Starting with washed hands, crease the cup down the middle (or in any capacity that works for you) and tenderly insert it on a level plane towards your tailbone. On the off chance that you experience difficulty now, remember to relax and take a break if necessary; a few ladies likewise discover it does this in a warm shower. At that point you simply need to ensure the cup pops open completely, either by pivoting the construct or tenderly pulling downwards in light of the stem. Presently you’re good to go for the following 12 hours!

If the idea of insertion scares you, that’s OK. Menstrual cups can be an incredible alternative yet you don’t need to utilize them in the event that they make you awkward. Give yourself an opportunity to wind up more comfortable and OK with your body. Research on other ladies’ encounters on the web. Begin little (maybe truly with the littlest cup and take a stab at utilizing it for only one day of your period to perceive how it goes. Unwind, inhale, and don’t compel it. You can likewise use a water-based (not silicone-based) lube for help.