Key steps to Overcome Excessive Alcohol Addiction

To overcome  excessive alcohol addiction, you must be ready to avoid certain unhealthy habits.

Excessive alcohol addiction has ruined several professionals, addicts and experts, broke several heart and the hearts of too many others.


“I totally subscribe to the notion that alcoholism is a mental illness because thinking like that is clearly insane.”–Craig Ferguson , American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot.

Excessive alcohol consumption has continually been an increasing trend around the world. Acohol addiction is no longer a joke seriously speaking..

A report recently released by Global Data(formerly Canadean), showed Africa to be the leading consumer of beer.Currently based on statistics Nigeria tops the list as the biggest beer-drinking country in Africa. I stand to be corrected.

Alcohol abuse can have both minor and severe, even life-threatening effects if not immediately treated.

Fortunately for Mr Ferguson, he was able to identify this malaise and break free from the deadly grips of alcoholism.

It is never too late if you’re still a struggling addict. Below are simple and effective ways that will aid you to instant recovery.

Key steps to Overcome Excessive Alcohol Addiction


Share Your Condition With Others

Dealing with alcoholism and the luring urge to crack open a bottle of beer can be very challenging.

It is best to have a conversation with your spouse, trust worthy friends and family about your drinking condition.

This way they can be able to suggest best and effective ways for your recovery. This can help your family understand your condition.

It will help them to be more supportive, and this way you not only express your views, you can also listen to theirs.

Avoid Stocking Your Fridge With Alcohol

A fridge-full of your favorite beer or alcohol and with just five steps away from it, will only increase your incessant desire to down one.

Do not keep alcohol in your or in your home. Perhaps you have friends who often suggest such when they pay you a visit, don’t heed to their advice.

If they insist on leaving you with leftovers, reject them. Instead let them go with it

Cut Down Hangouts With Friends Who Are Alcoholics  

Hanging out with friends who are alcoholics with cost you dearly and slow your recovery.

Your presence around them will spike the urge to drink even though you say: “It’s just one bottle.” That alone can undo your restraints to remain sober

Engage In Physical Activity

Start a physical activity. It doesn’t have to be rigorous. Take them step-by-step, until they become a routine.

Medical experts believe exercise is a good way to replace the self-devastating behaviours stimulated by many addictive substances.

To get optimal results, focus more on cardio-exercises and strength training.

Avoid Out-Of-Emotion Drinking

Finally! You just nicked your dream job. Or your wife just had a successful delivery. Perhaps you just built your first house.

Maybe it your girlfriend–she ditched you for another guy who you believe is not better than you. Or you lost a bet.

All these trigger emotions. And for every good or sour moment, you turn to alcohol.

It may seem normal but seeing alcohol as some sort of depressant only make things worse. It increases your risk of heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Develop Good Nutritious Habits

Rather than consume beer which will increase your body cravings for sugar, take only food that steady your blood sugar.

Proper nutrition and adequate hydration helps to stabilise insulin and leptin, the hormones responsible for regulating hunger.

Avoid sugary liquids and take water instead. Take adequate lean proteins such as eggs, beans, pork chops, soy foods, fish etc.


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