Top 10 Funny Cars

Top 10 Funny Cars

Top 10 Funny Cars

Have you ever seen funny cars before? Most of this cars can make you laugh away your sorrows. Funny cars can be extremely amazing and funny at the same time. There are numerous top funny cars everywhere that are worth the cash.

No matter how wealthy you are with fleets of amazing cars, getting or adding a funny or funny cars to your list will be awesome.

So here’s a quick overview of the list of the top 10 funny cars, in chronological order:

  1. Don Nicholson Eliminator I Comet (1966)

The game’s first flip-top car, it perpetually changed the fundamental look of the class: a tilt-up body concealing a tube-outline body and a pounding nitro motor. The car was a fear on the track, as well, tested just by Mercury colleague Eddie Schartman.

2. Jack Chrisman Comet (1967)

Two years after overwhelming fans with his unique stock-showing up nitro-consuming Comet at the 1964 Nationals, Chrisman’s lightweight flip-top Comet, with extensive motor mishap, ran 190-mph speeds.

3. Chi-Town Hustler Charger (1969)

The car generally credited with making the execution improving burnout was a well known and effective match race machine with Pat Minick at the haggle of Famer Austin Coil turning torques.

4. Danny Ongais/Mickey Thompson Mustang (1969)

Worked by Pat Foster, this car advanced the restricted framerail suspension and hot rod style move confine configuration still utilized today. The car, alongside Foster’s twin, was the first to utilize zoomie headers. The car won both the Spring nationals and Nationals in 1969. Here is Top 4 Practical Benefits of Professional Driving Lessons

5. Ramchargers/Goldstein Dodge Challenger (1970)

The Ramchargers conveyed its motor astute to the Funny Car class after years in Top Fuel and made a triumphant mix with driver Leroy Goldstein. The car broke the six-second obstruction in June 1970.

6. Don Prudhomme Hot Wheels Barracuda (1970)

“The Snake” and accomplice Tom McEwen conveyed Corporate America to the dragstrip through their arrangement with Mattel-upheld Funny Cars, and the previous hot rod drivers progressed toward becoming commonly recognized names and brought racing into lounge rooms the world over.

7. Pat Foster/Barry Setzer Vega (1972)

Although Foster’s national occasion insights don’t bear it out, the really maroon and gold Vega, possessed by material head honcho Setzer, was the baddest Funny Car on the planet in 1972-73, running low e.t. everywhere it went.

8. Jim Dunn/Dunn & Reath Barracuda (1972)

The first and final back motor Funny Car to win a national occasion (1972 Supernationals), the car likewise was the star of an element film, Funny Car Summer, that presented the majority to the game. The mix of keen Dunn’s taking care of abilities and a Woody Gilmore configuration opened up unlimited potential outcomes, however their prosperity was never copied.

9. Raymond Beadle Blue Max Mustang II (1975)

Beadle went from apprentice racer to whiz with the revival of the renowned worldwide Blue Max name and was Don Prudhomme’s hardest adversary in the mid-to late 1970s.

10. Dale Pulde War Eagle Trans Am (1977)

One of the prettiest cars to ever grace the dragstrip and a steady performer in multiple series. The car set the NHRA national speed record at 245 mph.

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