Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know


menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation.The menstrual cup has triumphed over products used for “period protection” such as tampons and sanitary napkins. Its purpose is to prevent menstrual fluid (blood containing uterine lining) from leaking onto clothes.

Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone and shaped like a bell with a stem. The stem is used for insertion and removal. The bell-shaped cup seals against the vaginal wall just below the cervix. Every 4–12 hours (depending on the amount of flow), the cup is removed, emptied, rinsed, and reinserted.Menstrual cups are an environmentally-friendly, comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective solution that are rapidly becoming the most preferred choice by women all over the planet.

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know

1. Lena Cup

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
The Lena Cup is very safe to wear overnight,it’s features a bell shape that curves in at the top to minimize pressure against the vaginal walls. even if you toss and turn in your sleep, you won’t wake up to spots, and there’s a colorless version for sensitive users.Main features:
  • includes a helpful manual
  • comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors
  • cotton storage bag included
2. Saalt Cups
Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
Saalt Cups are made in the United States and can free you from the tyranny of leaks and frequent bathroom visits,it is designed to last for as long as ten years, enabling you to stay in the game, enjoy your date or board a long-haul flight with confidence.Main features:
  • easy-clean rounded edges and seams
  • bpa- and latex-free
  • soft non-irritating stem
3.Lunette Special Features

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know.


The Lunette Only requires emptying 2-6 times a day.The Lunette holds twice as much fluid as a super-plus tampon but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.Ultra-safe for young women who are still virgins or just started their period.Sold all over the world and has received a vast amount of recognition, awards, and reviews that testify it is one of the best menstrual cups to ever be sold.Not only just FDA approved, but also certified according to Finnish Standards and Australian standard.Main features:

  • comes in various bright colors
  • clear version also available
  • creates good suction

4.Super Jennie.

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know


The Super Jennie is out to save the planet,it is a basic menstrual cup offered in two different sizes (small & large) and three different colors: Teal, Blue and Clear color.  It is a very short, rounded tip stem (similar to a ball stem, but not quite.) It’s designed for easy insertion and trouble-free removal, no matter what size you are or how much experience you have with the process.Main features:

  • great choice for beginners
  • virtually leakproof
  • comes in individual- and twin-packs

5. Luna Cups

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
Luna Cups is a longer silicone-formed menstrual cup it is soft and comfy to wear.It is a Mexican based menstrual cup it contain no harmful chemicals, and offer excellent leak protection. Choose the large or small to fite your size and flow, or pick up a complete set that comes with an elegant, breathable travel pouch and optional gift box, too.Main features:
  • detailed instructions included
  • stain-resistant material
  • full satisfaction guarantee
6.The Blossom cups
Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
The Blossom is one of the 10 menstrual cups we have. It is a versatile solution for busy lifestyles.It is a recent new addition to hundreds of brands of menstrual cups being currently manufactured. It’s available in a wide array of discoloration-resistant shades, from vibrant pastels to basic black, which helps it stay looking clean and hygienic for up to 15 years of use.Main features:
  • material feels extra soft
  • safe and effective
  • comes with storage case
7. The DivaCup
Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
Ever since the beginning of time, women have been plagued when their monthly time comes to pay a visit. Although menstrual cups have been around for nearly a century, it was only recently that they started becoming more recognized as an ideal option for personal female hygiene purposes. today DivaCup offers up to 12 hours of odor-free overflow protection, so there’s no need to fret when you’re heading into a lengthy exam or stuck in a meeting that just won’t end. It’s a bit longer than others, which may not work for everyone, but it has a 30-ml capacity.Main features:
  • very easy to remove
  • multipack options available
  • shows stains easily
8. Athena Cup
Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
The Athena Menstrual Cups is Made from medical grade silicone produce in China.Not only can you save a small fortune by switching from messy pads and tampons to the Athena Cup, you’ll also avoid having to make a frantic supply run when you’re experiencing a heavier-than-usual flow, or in the event that your period shows up unexpectedly.Main features:Main features:
  • lots of color selections
  • floral-print carrying bag included
  • achieving a proper fit can be tricky

9. The Dutchess

Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know
The Dutchess menstrual cup is one more cup to add to your list of menstrual cups to try.If you want to swap out your old brand or are searching for a more cost-effective alternative- there are a few reasons to consider this relatively new menstrual cup brand.Main features:
  • offered in a handful of colors
  • comes with breathable sanitary bag
  • the stem is a bit short
10. The Sckooncup


Top 10 Menstrual Cups You Need To Know


If you’re all about avoiding chemical additives and supporting sustainable agriculture in everything you do, you’ll appreciate the environmental-friendliness of The Sckooncup. It includes an organic cotton pouch in assorted prints and is available colorant-free.main features:

  • softer and more flexible than others
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • too squishy for some users