Computer virus Tips You Must Know

A computer virus can be defined as a malicious code that is being formed by copying itself to another file, programs, boot sector or document and causes malfunctioning of the computer.

What you need to know about Computer Virus

History of computer virus

The first recognized computer virus was created by Robert Thomas in 1971. Thomas was a computer engineer at BBN Technologies. There he created the first virus Known as the “Creeper”. The computer virus ‘Elk Cloner’ was the first computer virus that was found which tainted Apple II working systems through a floppy disk and displayed a hilarious message on the infected computers.

Elk Cloner was created by a 15-year-old Richard Skrenta in the year 1982. The name “computer virus” was not used until a year later. Fred Cohen, who graduated from the University of California, wrote an academic term paper on “Computer Viruses.

Types of Computer virus

  1. File infectors

Some of these file infectors viruses connect themselves to many program files such as exe files. When the program is being loaded, the computer virus also loads itself as well.  Another file infector virus comes as completely contained scripts that are being sent as an add-on to an email note.

  1. Macro viruses

Macro virus attacks macro language commands in MS Word and other computer programs. This virus can link their malicious code to genuine macro sequences that are inside a Word file. A macro virus has seen a rebirth in current years, Microsoft has added new characters in Microsoft Office 2016 that enables security managers to facilitate macro that can be used.

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  1. Overwrite viruses

This virus attacks file or application’s data. After it has infected the system will overwrite virus files inside a program with its own special code. This virus can install fresh code in files and apps that allow them to spread the virus to other files, systems, and applications.

  1. Polymorphic viruses

It has the ability to transform its primary code without altering its critical features or functions. This process helps the virus escape recognition from several antimalware and threat recognition products that lie on detecting signatures of malware.

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  1. Resident Virus

This type of virus contains itself in the system memory. The primary virus program isn’t considered necessary to infect new apps. The main file can be recovered even if the main document has been deleted by the virus. They can hide inside the system of a RAM.

  1. Rootkit viruses

It is capable of installing an illegal rootkit on a system that is already infected. Rootkit virus has been designed to avoid antivirus software, which scanned only files and applications. The new recent versions of most vital antivirus are used to mitigate Rootkit virus.

  1. System or boot-record infectors

They affect files on the external storage of an operating system. files on the external storage device can be infected so badly leading to rebooting malfunction.

Causes of Computer Virus

  1. Downloadable Programs

One of the probable sources of computer virus attacks is gotten from downloading programs from the internet. Downloadable files are one of the best possible sources of virus. Executable files are capable of causing computer virus because of their extension such as “.exe”  “.com”, and “coolgame.exe”

  1. Cracked Software

Another cause of computer virus is Cracked Software which has proved to be another root of virus attacks. People who are fond of downloading cracked software online are not conscious of the fact that this software contains the virus.

  1. Email Attachments

This is another common source of computer virus attack. Therefore, email attachments should be handled with intense care, especially if the mail is unknown.

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  1. Internet-Best Possible Source of Viruses

The internet happens to be regular sources of getting a computer virus. It is not a surprising thing and one can’t do without accessing the internet. Most computer users are not conscious when computer virus affects their systems.

Solution of Computer Virus

  1. Every program on the internet should be scan very well before any download must take place.
  2. Software should be downloaded from the right source.
  3. A good antivirus should be installed to remove virus attacks.