What You Need to Know About Dairy Farming Business

Complete and detailed information on Dairy Farming Business

It is important to note that  dairy farming business is extremely lucrative and it is a business for the rich no matter the level  and mode of operation. But before we proceed, let’s first take a look at what dairy farming means.

what You Need to Know About Dairy Farming Business
what You Need to Know About Dairy Farming Business

Dairy farming is a type of agriculture that is focused on producing milk. This is different from raising animals to produce meat. Milk can be used to produce dairy products, including cheese. Species commonly used are cows (so-called dairy cows), but goats, sheep and camels are also used. Sometimes donkeys are used to produce an alternative to cows’ milk for babies. Some babies can digest donkeys’ milk better than cows’ milk.

Producing milk has been part of farming for a long time. In the last century, farms have become more specialized. In the 20th century, some farmers started with farms that only produce milk.

To widen your knowledge on what you need to know about dairy farming business, stick to the write up below;

1: It’s all about the cows: Like most dairy producers, treat the cows in the herd as if they were members of the family.  Attention to detail with regard to cow care should be one of your fortes. You should know each cow individually and know the subtle signs to look for when something is going wrong.  Spend that extra time watching cows to catch them in heat.

2: All that time worrying about forage quality pays off. Never worry about the weather or planning everything around it.  He always had the highest quality corn silage, alfalfa hay, and wheat silage possible because he harvested at the correct time.

3: Genetic selection using the highest merit artificial insemination sires really does work.  In years of dairy farming, you should be able to boost of something tangible.  Do not be an early adopter of artificial insemination and never look back while you’re on course.

4: The dairy farm is a business.  Again, like we earlier mentioned, the dairy farm is a business so you treat it like one.  Do not be afraid to spend money on things that would increase revenues, but watch expenses closely.  Know that the breakeven milk production is for a cow on the farm and not to cull a favorite cow who isn’t paying your way.

5: Record keeping pays.  Once you begin to keep record of your business, the performance of the herd improves dramatically.Keep tract of individual cow milk production, reproductive performance, and somatic cell count allowed us to improve management of each of these areas.

6: Attention to detail in the milking parlor pays.  You should be extremely picky about what happens in the milking parlor and who works there. You should be able to milk for quite a few years before you would ever allow someone else to milk to properly understands the milking process.

7: It’s not really about the cows at all.  It’s about the people.  Believe in people and value their family and hired employees.  You also have to see them all thrive in whatever they do.  Be a kind leader by example.  Be the embodiment of what you see across the world in the dairy industry—the quality of people in your industry is what would make it so great.