5 Tips to Increase Your Organic Page Ranking

As a blogger or website owner, it is still very important to optimize your site in order to have organic page ranking. Most people get discouraged when the Organic page ranking of their site gets low in terms of traffic. The issue of low organic page ranking can be resolved.

Even Bing, Google, and Yahoo which happens to be the main principal search engines have changed their algorithms which is now so hard for SEO experts to go for the suitable method that will increase their page ranking for higher traffic output.The recent updates that have been carried out by these search engines have affected page ranking of most blogs.

5 Tips to Increase Your Organic Page Ranking

Things to do to improve organic page ranking

Most local and foreign websites and blogs that you go to in order to seek a solution to your low organic page ranking might tell you to change your tactics or strategy. Whether you have an intention of practicing black hat, there are some basic tips you need to know about organic page ranking.

1.   Organic Page Ranking: Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Your website design is awesome in terms of interface and appearance; still, you don’t have to forget that most people that gain access to the internet make use of their mobile phones. Therefore, when you design your website or blog, you need to test it for mobile responsiveness. Google which is a highly recognized search engine has been resounding it to the hearing of web developers to create websites that are mobile friendly.

2.   Organic Page Ranking: The loading speed of your website or blog

This is another tactic for organic page ranking. Have you been to a site or blog to search for information that you need to know, only for the blog to waste so much time in loading? This will make you close the site and go to another site in which the loading speed is high. Everybody that makes use of the internet. When they find out that the loading speed of a website is low, they tend to run away. It is very important to have the size of your website scale to 1MB or less. This will allow your site to download several pages within a short time frame.

3.   Organic Page Ranking: Develop priceless content

There’s the saying that content is the key. When you want to increase organic page ranking, the content on your website or blog is important. There’s nothing that gives an internet user so much joy when they get the information they are searching for. As a blogger or website owner, your content should be well detailed, unique, keywords and also have a well-targeted audience. The length of your content should fall within 500 – 1000 words.

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4.   Organic Page Ranking: Engage in strategic guest posting

If you want to increase traffic and also organic page ranking to your blog or website, you need a website/blog that accepts guest posting. You can ask them to publish on a particular topic, and if they have approved the topic you have given to them, you can post important content and include some links that will take viewers going to that your content to your website. This will increase page ranking.

  1. Organic Page Ranking: Develop a Keyword list:

You can spend countless hours to write a unique content on the internet, but if it doesn’t have the right keyword to increase organic page ranking, the content will go nowhere. Before you start writing your content, you must have a keyword in mind that you want to use and what people will find in search engines. You can make use of a tool known as SEMRush. The importance of the tool “SEMRush” is to give you analysis of your competitors and other keywords that are having organic page ranking in the market.

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Having done with this information, you can read it again for the second time and start implementing them.