Baba Ijebu Nigerian Lotto Game: Facts You Should Know

Baba Ijebu Lotto otherwise called Premier Lotto is Nigeria’s number one lottery organization owned by Adebutu Kesington, also referred to as “Baba Ijebu“.

It is a form of gambling which involves the drawing of lots winning numbers for a monetary reward.

This gambling is most commonly pronounced in Lagos state with other branches around like in Ogun state, Osun state Enugu, Oyo state, Edo state and Abuja with more branches to spring up soon in other states.

This game can make you rich quick and can also destroy you and send you back home if proper care is not taken.

There are lots of other lottery companies in Nigeria currently like bet9ja, Nairabet etc, but baba ijebu lotto has been around for quiet a long time now with them having the lions share when it comes to lottery in the Country, you can be rest assured that no matter the amount of money won, baba ijebu must pay you your winning even if it runs into hundreds of million naira.

We will now discuss the things and facts you need to know about Baba Ijebu Lotto

This game has been in existence since the early 19th century, Nigeria joined the game in the 20th century.

Baba ijebu’s agents can easily be identified by the red terminals or boxes you see in kiosks and shops and in some cases under large umbrellas. This game can be played with as little as Twenty Naira (N20).

Now that there is an understanding of what Baba Ijebu is really about,

let’s take a deeper look at how the game is played and how to check your winning numbers so as to get paid without restrictions.

How To Play Baba Ijebu

Two ways of playing baba ijebu in offline and online. Before deciding to play with either online or offline method, you need to have a clear understand of what you tend to win when playing the game, as this is the real deal involved in the game.

How to play Baba ijebu online.

In other to play Baba ijebu, you’ll have to choose specific number between one to ninety. The game has 2 sure and permutations 2, 3, 3 direct. 2 sure permutations are when two numbers played drops. What this means is, if a player plays permutation 2 sure with N5, he will win N1,200 especially if the player’s two numbers drop, because the number is 2 out of 90. It means that if you choose two numbers and the ball is rolled, it will display five numbers. If two of the numbers you played comes out, then you win depending on how much you stake. The higher you stake, the greater the amount to be won.

Baba Ijebu Nigerian Lotto Game: Facts You Should Know

Another way of playing is 3 Direct, this is one of the most top paying plans. What this means is three numbers out of the five Baba Ijebu winning numbers has to be displayed when rolled.

Further more, Baba ijebu game consist of numbers from 1 to 90 with just five wining numbers drawn randomly for every game. All that is needed of the player to win the game is to predict at least two out of the five numbers to be drawn in which ever way you can.

There are different ways Nigerians play and win the lotto game, below are a list of them:


This is a method used by so many Nigerians to win the Baba Ijebu premier game. Nigerians make use of the past Lotto results to forecast the next Winning Numbers. To be sincere to ourselves, we all know that Forecasting doesn’t guarantee seeing the next winning number/s.

A little more of luck and faith is needed to win in this game of lotto.


Most people assume this to be a way of playing the lotto game that guarantees some chances of winning. What this means is that about 10 numbers are combined, and if just two out of the ten selected numbers shows up or draw as the case maybe, then you stand a chance of winning something.

Pros and Cons to Playing this game Pros:

Baba Ijebu comes with lots of amazing play options, which makes it easier and possible to win full array of prizes.

Targeted Numbers:

People target certain numbers and continue enjoying winning with that specific number all the time. Let’s take for instance, we choose two numbers 30-35 and 50-56. It means whenever these numbers appear, then there is a winning for you.

Numerous drawings:

There is a tendency of a particular number drawing every day from Monday to Saturday. With this, there is a very high opportunity of winning, Thus, the number of possible combinations that you can use to win is higher than most national lotteries in Nigerian.

Dream numbers:

This is a common phenomenon in Nigeria, a lot of people have talked about seeing lotto numbers in their dreams while sleeping. Some people play the dreamed numbers and win while in some cases, the numbers do not play as anticipated.

Winning a lottery game is rather more difficult than the average lottery draw, one can lose and regret ever playing the game forgetting that it is just a game and anybody can win or lose. It’s rather we work hard, make our wealth and be a happy person than indulge in gambling. Anything called game remains a game.

Baba Ijebu is one way of having fun and nothing more. Hopefully, after reading this, you will understand more about this game called Baba Ijebu Lotto.