Benefits of Gaming for Learning(Infographic)

How many hours do you think the average child spends on gaming per week? Unless you’re a gamer yourself, get ready for a shock! In the United Kingdom alone, children aged 12 to 15 spent at least 12.2 hours a week playing games in the year of 2017. That amounts to almost 640 hours yearly per child.

If we start thinking about how gaming can be used for education and learning purposes instead of just entertainment, imagine how many of those hours could be spent developing useful skills!

The modern-day type of gaming is technologically inclined and often presents itself in the form of mobile applications, online role-playing games and many more. Games such as chess have often been used to develop processing skills and provide cognitive stimulation, but what about computer games?

Check out the informative infographic from Computer Planet below to get a better understanding of how gaming can be used as an effective learning method to develop visual processing and social skills, to name just a few.