Best Recycling Companies in Nigeria

Recycling can be said to be the process of converting unwanted materials into new materials. It is also defined by Wikipedia as an alternative to conventional waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse gas emissions. In recycling business, there is just one aim, and that is to transform waste into something useful and necessary. This process guard against the waste of potentially useful materials and reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing energy usage, air and water pollution.

The key component of modern waste reduction recycling and also the third component in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Recycling activity has to do with different technological operations by which these companies change certain properties of wastes be it biological or chemicals to something useful.

In Nigeria, there are many recycling companies who are in this business. Each of them has succeeded in this area and achieved in this field with meaningful results.

Below is the list of best recycling companies in Nigeria,

Chanja Datti Co. Ltd

This company is a social enterprise, located in Abuja. Though its primary aim was to make the capital clean and healthier. they gather squandered plastics and other various materials that can be recycled like aluminum jars, papers, tires, and glass bottles, and converts them to drops or bunches, which are then sold out to companies who need them for production.

Ecofuture Nigeria

Best Recycling Companies in Nigeria
This is another social enterprise that makes use of geomap and SMS based stage to gather recyclable waste, for instance, plastics, nylon, PET plastics and utilized drink aluminum jars, from family units, schools, doctor facilities etc. They generate income from recycling wastes through incentives based participation.

Maintenance System Consultant

Basically, into the recycling of electrical and electronic waste, their aim is to reduce environmental unfriendly methods of disposal. Thus, conserving natural resources and saving energy.

Metal Recycling Industries Ltd

From the name, it can easily be deduced that this company deals mostly with metal recycling. Established and registered in Nigeria April 21, 2010, in Ogijo, Ogun state. This company grows as a result of cooperation with leading companies that deal with production and trade in metal worldwide. They make use of advanced and modern day technology in their recycling process, which has the capacity of handling over 100 Metric Tons of metals per day.


Best Recycling Companies in Nigeria

RecyclePoints is located in Ebute Metta, Lagos State. They operate house to house collection of Recyclable items such as Pure Water Sachets, Used Beverage Cans, old Newspapers, PET Plastic Bottles, Glass bottles and Brown Corrugated Cartons. Their mode of operation is incentive-based scheme i.e. they collect materials from people and give bonuses for it. When these old products are recycled, those who have bonuses can purchase back useful household goods through their official Online store.

Wastepoint Limited,

Registered in 2003 and began operation in 2008, the company is located in Nigeria with the aim of providing a solution to the challenges facing Nigeria and the African continent in terms of waste management.

Shongai Packaging Industry Ltd

This recycling company is situated in Ogun State. It’s quite old and experienced enterprise that was established in 1977. Originally, Shongai had to deal with manufacturing of beer labels and also plastic. Today, it’s one of Nigerian recycling leaders, dealing mostly on plastic recycling.